The 2016 Creation Based Living Kick Start!

4 Unique Live Webinars Across January 2016... with James Tripp!

Please forgive the blustery weather in this video! I needed to get the message out at short notice so no time to re record!

The 2016 Creation Based Living Kickstart is a 4 part live audio webinar series exploring the principles and practices of creation based living.

Co-Created and Presented by James Tripp

The 2016 Creation Based Living Kickstart - Begins 3rd (or 4th) of January 2016!

The 2016 Creation Based Living Kickstarter is a 4 part Webinar series where I will be sharing much of what I have learned over the last 6 years (and beyond) about what I now call Creation Based Living.

At Heathrow T3 with my family... Farewell to the UK for 12 months!

In 2008 I quit my job to do my own thing. With two young daughters and a mortgage people cautioned me against it. Now we (as a family) are hitting the global road, home educating our children, running the business (I like to think of it as an anti-business 🙂 ) and continuing to create and work with coaching clients as we go. And, of course, people have cautioned me against it.

My old coach and mentor Steve Chandler has said that you can either live from fear or live from love. I don't know if this is living from love (I'm old school English, so kinda reserved 🙂 ), but I know if we didn't do this it would definitely be living by fear. So here we go...

And looking forward to meeting some of my Facebook friends from South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, LA, New York and Montreal as we go.

Watch out for blog posts, podcasts, webinars and the evolution of JamesTrippTV (YouTube) as we go!

James Tripp, Adelaide, Jan 2nd 2016

As I write this I am in Adelaide, Australia. This is the second of 6 countries we are visiting across 12 months. Some we are just visiting, some we are living in for a few months. As we go, I am continuing to work (my coaching work is all Skype now) and we are home educating our children (which is an education for us too) in alignment with our values.

As I wrote in the Facebook post that I copied in above, a lot of people cautioned against doing this. I don't think these people really thought trough their response to what we were going to do... my suspicion is that it just didn't fit with their unconscious rules about how life should be.

I am writing this here because I am fiercely proud to be proactively creating my lifestyle (along with my family) in terms of health, wealth, relationships and personal growth... and I wasn't always a guy who was tapped into being able to do that.

To become that guy I had to discover some things about life and psychology that unlocked what I believe is some of the latent power and potential that resides within all of us (and I had a slow start on it).

I am a student of life. At the age of 19 I decided I was going to figure out how the whole damn thing worked so that I could escape from the tormented personal reality I found myself in at the time. What I have learned has loosely coalesced into what I refer to as Creation Based Living...

...a way of showing up and being in the world that is organised around creatively participating in the chaotic unfolding of life.

Life is undoubtedly complex - not only more complex than you think, but more complex than you can think. It doesn't wait around, it just flows on and you either get swept along by it, ending up where you may, or you learn how to engage with the flow and to steer it subtly towards fruitful and rewarding ends.

Human beings are interesting creatures. All lifeforms on this planet are driven by evolution to adapt to their environments, but human beings have evolved beyond this the capacity to adapt their environment in turn. We are the only species who can create a whole array of new and novel things into the world that just didn't exist before.

We are also, most likely, the only species who can consciously participate in our own personal evolution and psychological transformation.

These two aspects come together to give us a lot of power and choice in how we bring ourselves to bear upon life. How we connect with it and shape it. The trouble is, most of us get filled with ideas that don't support us in that, so where we might flow we end up struggling.

Creation Based living is about connecting with true vision (not surrogate visions based in social and cultural conditioning) and allowing that to express through creative action.

These webinars will be sharing principles, attitudes, tools, practices that will contribute to your ability to start creating more of what you want into your life and into the world. There will also be pointers towards skills that compliment.

What will not be shared are any simplistic recipes for 'instant success' - this is like a martial art... deep, rich and containing potential for a lifetime of study on your way to deep mastery. If you want to open the door to developing this art yourself (or are already on the path) then I hope that you will take what I am sharing here and begin to utilize at least some of it in your own development.

I look forward to you joining me in this exploration.

All the very best

James Tripp

These Webinars will carry essential learnings for all those looking to upgrade their capacity to fruitfully engage  with the flow of life

Throughout January...

  • Webinar 1: L.A. - 3rd at 14:30, 
New York - 3rd at 17:30, 
London - 3rd at 22:00, 
Melbourne - 4th at 08:00.
  • Webinar 2: L.A. - 10th at 14:30, New York - 10th at 17:30, London - 10th at 22:00, Melbourne - 11th at 08:00
  • Webinar 3: L.A. - 17th at 14:30, New York - 17th at 17:30, London - 17th at 22:00, Melbourne - 18th at 08:00
  • Webinar 4: L.A. - 24th at 14:30, New York - 24th at 17:30, London - 24th at 22:00, Melbourne - 25th at 08:00

All four webinars...


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