“This is the course I wish I’d done when I first came across NLP... had I done it then, I’m sure I’d be considerably more adept than I currently am.” – Adrian Reynolds

James Tsakalos' Spiral Somatics
UK Embodied Influencer Intensive 2018!

The Deep Embodiment of Effortless and Impactful Influentiality!

A deeply revealing, personal exploration of the diverse and fascinating ways that people go about being people!


An embodied skillset for reading, engaging and people's fundamental realities for greatly increased influentiality and personal impact

  • Module 1: 8th June to 11th June 2018
  • Field Research/R&R: 12th-14th June 2018
  • Module 2: 15th June to 18th June 2018

Edinburgh Training & Conference Venue

Edinburgh Old Town, UK

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK - UNESCO World Heritage City

Training and Facilitation by James Tsakalos

James is coming over from Australia to teach Spiral Somatics in full once more in the Northern Hemisphere. There are just 15 places on this training...

So secure your place today!

"Being on the Spiral Somatics course... was the best thing I learned in a long time! Such an enriching experience! Such a powerful tool to have.
Such a powerful way to be..."

Have great fun doing it in wonderful Edinburgh!"

Elad Einav - Participant in 2017

James Tsakalos' Spiral Somatics - Full 8 Day Training!

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Let's be clear... Spiral Somatics is NOT Spiral Dynamics!

For the full interview with James, please visit Andy Smith's Practical NLP Podcast...
...and remember to come back here afterwards! 😉

James Tsakalos' Spiral Somatics - '8 days +' deep training in Edinburgh!

Introducing James Tsakalos and his unique innovation that is Spiral Somatics...

Hi there, my name is James Tripp. The guy to your left is my friend (and somewhat of a mentor whether he knows it or not) James Tsakalos, and incredible NLP trainer from Melbourne, Australia.

Whenever I talk to people about James, there are a few things I always mention. One, he runs what I believe to be the most comprehensive and in-depth NLP practitioner training IN THE WORLD (at 28 days). Two, his training standards are incredibly high, and his students do not get to pass the course without being able to demonstrate serious real-world skills. Three, his training chops are insane. Four, he is the only guy on the planet teaching the very unique and very powerful Spiral Somatics.

I have been fortunate to be able to spend some time with James learning Spiral Somatics, and what I have learned has been truly game-changing for me both in my personal and professional life. That said, I have not completed the training (I had to leave Australia before the Master Prac I was graciously invited to sit in on concluded), so I have hustled like crazy to get James to come over here and run a deep training on this.

You'll note, the price on this is insanely low for an 8 day training of this calibre, but this is not being undertaken for reasons of profit. James wants to spread Spiral Somatics, and I want to deepen my game with it. This is why we are making this happen.

Anyhows, enough from me right now, I'll hand you over to James to give you a better background.

"For a couple of years now, my conversion rate once I get to sit down face to face with somebody has been over 98%.

I'€™ve seen the profitability of my business increase by over 100%, and I€™'ve seen my own personal sales interactions really become a lot more pleasurable, a lot more easy, a lot more effortless, and a lot more effective.

...and I put that down to my training with James.!

- Raphael Bender, Business Owner and Spiral Somatics Student

James Tsakalos Talks Spiral Dynamics (Full Interview)!

James' Story...

Hi, my name is James Tsakalos, and I know I’ve been blessed. Let me tell you a story...

When I first started learning NLP, I flat-out struck it lucky. I didn't know it at the time but across the years it has become increasingly clear just how fortunate I really was right there at the beginning. This is my story and as such it involves my own personal experiences, but in truth it doesn’t start with any amazing discoveries on my part. It pretty much starts with me blindly stumbling into the path of a guy called Roger Deaner – an extraordinary teacher who later became one of my mentors.

Now, since you’ve probably never heard of him before, let me paint you a picture. First of all, there’s a great big gaping generation gap between us. The guy is old enough to be my dad. As he likes to put it, he’s “chronologically advantaged.”

Secondly, although he’s an expat who has spent close to half of his life in Australia, he is incurably British. Calls us Aussies ‘colonials.’

Thirdly, he is one of the most sensationally skilled NLP Trainers I’ve ever seen – and I’ve seen a few, including both co-creators of the field, several leading ‘name brand’ developers and a couple dozen others. He is unquestionably a master of his craft.

So it’s the late 90s and I’ve just started learning NLP. And I meet this this guy Roger...

...and there’s just something about him.

It’s not just that he has some great NLP skills. It goes further than that.... no, not further – deeper.

He seems to have an almost supernaturally deep insight into the core of human nature and human relationships.

And I’m not talking submodalities or metaprograms or neurological strategies or anything like that (you know, all those fantastic and jargon-infested ways of dissecting human experience). Does he know all that stuff? Sure. Hell, the guy is an NLP rock star! But there was always something beyond that: a profound understanding of people – all kinds of people – and their deepest needs, yearnings and motivations.

He just fundamentally got people. And not just intellectually. Anybody can spout references to stuff they found in a book somewhere. It’s like it was in his bones.

And this translated into some extraordinary skills:

  • He had a gift for knowing exactly what kind of shift in consciousness was needed to dramatically change someone’s experience €“ and how to make that happen.
  • He had an almost scary ability to completely ‘nail’ what someone was thinking €“ and to change how they thought about it €“ before they ever said a word.
  • Where lots of folks are great at getting on with people, he had an effortless knack for getting in with people, which is a whole different kettle of fish. And he could get in with anybody €“ from blue chip CEOs to angel intuitive therapists to ‘rough as guts’ ex-cons. All social worlds were open to him.

€…and I won’t even tell you about some of his other crazy psychic ninja skills, because you probably wouldn’t believe me anyway!

So throughout my time with Roger I learned a lot about NLP, but I learned a lot of other stuff as well.  Because it turned out that much of his magic came from the fact that he had made a study of what a person’s body can tell you about their values, beliefs and attitudes €“ and how to use your own body as a gateway into totally different ways of experiencing the world.

And I€™'m here to tell you that what he came up with was sensational stuff.  It was nothing short of a revelation.

But €...

The bastard was so intuitive by this stage that he only ever mapped the most basic elements of this extraordinary discovery.  Just the simplest and most obvious stuff.  And human beings can be complex critters sometimes (you may have noticed).

So even though he was effortlessly adept at understanding and dancing with those complexities, he never explicitly mapped a way of navigating them.  And between you and me, that bugged the hell out of me.  This stuff was way too valuable not to develop further!

So to remedy the situation I rolled my sleeves up and dived into several years work refining, developing and extending what he had started... and the result is Spiral Somatics.

And today, I'€™m still going!

As it has unfolded, in all the years that I’ve been exploring this stuff I still haven’t found the edges.  It would seem that the implications of this material are profound, and the applications are flat-out endless.

.. and I totally get that €˜"endless€"™ doesn'€™t really give you much by way of detail, so how about I just go ahead and give you the low-down on just a few of the ways in which learning this stuff can make a serious difference in your world €“– and in your business.

"Spiral Somatic is a game changer. What it has given me is the ability to shift my personal 'trances of being' in ways that enable 'best fit' with the changing social and professional contexts I find myself in.

Beyond the obvious communication/influence applications, the capacity to radically 'shift gears' and process any given situation through a completely different reality tunnel is extremely powerful in terms of revealing choices that would otherwise be excluded."

- James Tripp, Hypnotist, Adaptedness Coach and creator of Hypnosis Without Trance

Spiral Asset # 1 - ’Getting people’ (including yourself) at a deeper level - being able to be in the world as they are - resulting in stronger and more meaningful interpersonal connections.

"James’ understanding and insight into human nature and behaviour is extraordinary.

Along with such NLP masters as Richard Bandler and John La Valle, James Tsakalos is one of only a few people who I can say without reservation have blown me away with their unique combination of tremendous skill and profound insight."

- Michael Christon, Maverick Entrepreneur, Business Alchemist and creator of Mind, Body and Sold.
  • You’ll gain a much deeper ability to truly “meet people at their model of the world.”

    Most of the time, the best people can do when it comes to creating rapport and connection, is to acknowledge someone€™s model of the world, try to understand it and offer validation from the outside.

    Spiral Somatics goes way beyond this – you learn to connect through shifting into an immersive, full-body appreciation of their world very, very fast €“through congruently inhabiting it yourself. The result is that of meeting others fully on their turf as a true ‘insider’ rather than a benevolent outsider.

  • You’ll also develop a much greater awareness of how your own model of the world is perceived by different people

    “O wad some Power the giftie gie us To see oursels as ithers see us!” – Robert Burns

    And with any luck, you’€™ll discover that what you think of as €˜common sense€™ is just an indication of your perceptions in this moment and that people in a different space hold completely different things to be €˜common sense€™ and self-evident.

  • And you’ll know what kinds of things the person in front of you considers to be self-evident and ‘common sense’ right from the word go.

    As human beings, we can so easily be had by the cognitive biases of ‘how I see it is how it is’. Spiral Somatics helps us out-manouvre this trap for ourselves – not only recognising the ‘principle of separate realities’ bu also to be able to work with the realities that are presented to us by others (how about being able to elicit values instantly entirely non-verbally! Could that be a useful thing?).

  • Plus - you will be able to congruently shift your own beliefs, values and behavioural traits easily and quickly by...

    …accessing and becoming cosily familiar with all of the potential models of the world that are already inside you (archetypal, if you like).

    Because it€™s not that you have a single model of the world yourself €“ you actually have lots of different ones, but most of them are locked away where you don€™t usually see them. And when you know how to access them, you can very quickly and easily bring them back into play when required.

“I had already studied NLP before, but this just blew my mind.€

If somebody had told me earlier that there was a way to be able to look at people and just by observing their posture and their physiology I would be able to recognise what is important to them and what'€™s closest to their heart, as a chiropractor I would have been pretty excited! That€™'s what Spiral Somatics turned out to be.

On a daily basis I am dealing with different people with different needs and different values. From the moment we finished the course and I went back to my practice I witnessed an amazing difference in the way that I build relationships with my clients and, very importantly to me, in the way that I was able to serve them.

[After the training] I was able to really get in touch with the core of that person straight away. I had already studied NLP before, but this just blew my mind. This isn€™'t just about instantly identifying a person€™'s values, it'€™s about understanding them as well. It'€™s about really €˜getting€™ that person. And I think that'€™s a very, very powerful thing for us to be able to do to help us serve our clients better."

- SB, Chiropractor and Spiral Somatics Student

Spiral Asset # 2 - Developing powerful, subtle and effortless influence

"[One of the things I admire is] James'€™ ability to influence those around him... I really believe this is someone you will want to hook up with if you want to do better in this arena."

- James Lavers, Distance Persuasion Consultant, creator of the Gurumaker, Mass Influence and Lazy Coach Way programs
  • Imagine knowing people's ‘hot buttons’ the instant they walk in the door - before they even say a word...

    …so that the very first words out of your mouth are exactly what they want to hear!

    You might want to take a moment to consider just how powerful a first impression that makes… knowing straight away that you just get exactly where they’€™re coming from in life.

  • How about developing the skill to know – in advance – exactly what kinds of ideas and suggestions someone will be highly responsive to, as well as those that are likely to bomb or backfire?

    No clunky, traditional NLP values elicitation required – you will learn to not only ‘read’ all the information you need from people’s physiology and motor-behaviour, but also how to immediately embody their reality just as they do, ensuring that not only your verbal behaviour is congruent with their reality, but your non verbal behaviour too.

    And, to be clear, all of this will be happening at the level of your being rather than something you need to micro-manage strategically.

  • Could it also be useful to know the exact leverage points that will be effective in having someone make a change, take action, shift their perceptions etc?

    Once again, you will be learning to instantly ‘know’, in a full embodied way’ deep-driver value sets – the value sets that shape people’s fundamental engagement with the world. Mismatch these and you opportunity to influence will disappear fast. Match them and make your message make sense by them, and you have something very powerful indeed.

  • And, how about being able to build instant, deep rapport? Without doing anything as cheesy as deliberate mirroring!

    It may be true that people in rapport tend to mirror each other, but is is also true that imitating this kind of mirroring (which is what people often learn as the ‘go to’ strategy for rapport building) is incredibly difficult to do well and make work – getting it just a little bit wrong can spell disaster (nobody likes weird and creepy!).

    Spiral Somatics matches at a much deeper, embodied level and lets the appropriate naturalistic mirroring take care of itself (which it will, when you have deeper rapport).

"This stuff has so many applications for business. Even with groups, you can just talk to each individual person from a different angle... you just go into where they€™re at and just say something you know will appeal to this person, and then that person, and then BANG...€“ you just have the whole group engaged instantly.

[As a professional recruiter] I go out and I meet people everywhere I go. I get their name, I get their number, and then I call them at a later stage [about] business.

Instead of having to work hard to get someone€™s attention and grab their focus€“ you can just say the first thing that comes out of your mouth - they like it and they'€™re engaged! That has been an asset, to say the least.

[To give an example] recently I was out for a couple of drinks with some friends, and I saw this guy across the room. Just instantly - just seeing him and €“his movements, how he was behaving,€“ without conversing with him at all - I already knew he was very entrepreneurial, very open minded and would be perfect for what I€™'m looking for.

So, I just happened to go over (he was in a group of people), and instantly engaged him. [Through Spiral Somatics] I built instant rapport, went to where he was, and just started talking. You know, just the normal stuff - 'what do you do', 'where do you live',€“ all of that. And he asked what I do, so I said €œI'€™m a recruiter.€.. and then he starts asking questions. Because I knew I wanted this guy€™s name and number because he was going to be perfect, all I had to do was just say things I knew would appeal to him. Next thing you know, this guy was bouncing out of his skin and just could not wait to say €œ'I'€™m the guy you€™'re looking for!€' and just give me his name and number. It was just beautiful!

So yeah, it€™s been pretty exciting stuff to learn!"

- Richard S, Professional Recruiter and Spiral Somatics Student

Asset #3: Powerful tools for coaching and facilitating ecological, self-sustaining change.

"James Tsakalos is one of the most principled, dedicated and skilful NLP trainers in the world today and also someone who moves the field forward by refining and developing new and powerful additions to what we do.

If I were anywhere near James when he was training, I'€™d be there... Simple as that."

- Michael Perez, Professional Change Agent, Hypnosis Trainer and former Community Mentor at NLP Connections
  • Client Evaluation

    With Spiral Somatics you’ll be able to get a pretty good picture of the likely behavioural, mental and social strengths and weaknesses of the person in front of you, very quickly… and that means you can leverage this knowledge to tailor your tasks and interventions for maximum effectiveness.

  • Seeing your clients in '3D'

    People are complex systems, both within themselves and as sub-systems of broader social and cultural systems. By being able to see clients in ‘3D’ we mean being better able to see how their beliefs, values and perceptions fit with and are dependent upon the broader contexts of their lives€“ (as shaped by other people, places, tasks, topics, etc.)

    With Spiral Somatics, you will develop the skill to see specifically when and how a given individuals beliefs, values and priorities shift as they shift between contexts.

    So, for example, you€™’ll know that Bob whilst does A, B and C internally when you€™re talking about managing staff, he internally shifts to doing X, Y and Z the moment his attention goes to the subject of negotiation.

    This ability to track shifts real time will mean that you are always connected with the ‘levers of change’ as contexts and internal configurations (of beliefs, values, priorities etc.) shift.

  • And you’ll learn the art of 'getting-to-the-real'... fast!

    There is often a difference between what people say (or what they think) is important to them and what is ACTUALLY important to them (intellectual held beliefs and values versus true ‘operational’ beliefs and values).

    This incongruence between the intellectual and the operational can often lead to bad decisions and internal conflict which can cause a ripple effect of problems through both their psyche and their life.

    As Spiral Somatics gives you a ‘rapid read’ of what is €™genuinely important to a person at an operational level, this puts you in a strong position €coach them towards greater internal congruence and assist them in moving in a more useful directions.

  • Personal Flexibility

    You will have a framework from which you can directly coach others in increasing personal flexibility in terms of both mental processing AND their own personal/professional efficacy and influence.

“[Spiral Somatics] has made my work, especially belief change within my clients, really easy.”

I€™'ve found Spiral Somatics extremely useful, both personally and professionally.

As a neuropsychologist I deal with a lot of clients that require belief change, and I find Spiral Somatics immensely useful for that. Knowing what to say to someone to get them to change their behaviours €“ being able to speak to what they really want, and changing behaviour from that perspective €“ has made my work, especially belief change within my clients, really easy.

Things just happen smoothly. Relationships build quickly and easily. Spiral just makes life easy!"

- Dr Judy Tang, Neuropsychologist and Student of Spiral Somatics

And, beyond the above, the applications are nearly endless!

I am aware as I write this of how these words can only ever fall short in conveying what Spiral Somatics has to offer, but if you are already beginning to connect with just some of the potential here (both in terms of the far-reaching impact within your personal life AND an the increased capacity to be of genuine service to the people around), well...

...Come and join us in the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage City of Edinburgh!

And I would truly love to have you along to experience this in person.

Despite many attempts by professional marketers to have me make this available as an online course, Spiral Somatics just cannot be taught this way.

This training is live by necessity because it goes way beyond simply learning some useful new additions to your professional toolkit. It€™ is a...

It is a deeply revealing, personal exploration of the diverse and fascinating ways that people go about being people!

James has done more to realise the promise of NLP’s utility in real world social dynamics than any other so-called NLP developer I’ve come across.

Where some go to conferences and proclaim that they€™'ve modelled the ability to put together a decent winter wardrobe (to use one tiny sad example of where this liberating and pioneering technology has gone) James Tsakalos has created a body of work that has day to day implications across all contexts involving interaction."

- Adrian Reynolds, Creative Change Specialist and Professional Wordsmith

  • Module 1: 8th June to 11th June 2018
  • Field Research/R&R: 12th-14th June 2018
  • Module 2: 15th June to 18th June 2018

Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue,

Edinburgh Old Town, UK

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK - UNESCO World Heritage City

Training and Facilitation by James Tsakalos

James is coming over from Australia to teach Spiral Somatics in full once more in the Northern Hemisphere. There are just 15 places on this training...

So secure your place today!


James Tsakalos' Spiral Somatics - Full 8 Day Training!

£1295 When Booking Now!

Single payment option

Amount at checkout:

£1,295.00 GBP

Instalment option (monthly payments x 4)

At checkout*

£320.00 GBP

Every 1 month ( x 3)

£325.00 GBP


£1,295.00 GBP

* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.

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Training Format

As you can see, this training is divided into three segments - two primary training modules (four days each) with three days field research/R&R in between.

Both the primary training modules take place at the Novotel Edinburgh Centre in Edinburgh Old Town and are focused on layering in the embodied understandings and skills of Spiral Somatics.

The three days field research/R&R can be used as you wish HOWEVER... due to the nature of Spiral Somatics you WILL find yourself seeing what you have been learning unfolding in the city-life around you. You will also have to opportunity to begin to interact with that city-life through what is already becoming embodied.

Aside from that you get to enjoy the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage City of Edinburgh in the summertime. Within the city there is a phenomenal amount to see and do (three days won't even be close to enough) regardless of your budget and the city is so compact that everything is within easy walking distance.

For those who wish to, additional learning and exploration (or just social) meetings can be arranged with other participants.

And Beyond...

Between the videos and written information on this page you should be able to get a fair sense of the training and what it has to offer. If you have any questions that go beyond the information above, please do ask via the comment section below!

All the very best (and perhaps see you soon!)

James Tripp


James Tsakalos' Spiral Somatics, Live in Edinburgh - Q&A

If you have any questions about the James Tsakalos' Spiral Somatics - Live in Edinburgh, just ask below!


  • Winfried Saam

    April 6, 2017

    Hi James,
    does counseling with Spiral Somatics work with people who had a troubled childhood (= the ‘heavy’ stuff), or is it more appropriate for stuff like bad habits. motivation and so on?

    • James Tripp

      May 6, 2017

      Hi Winfried

      Spiral Somatics is not a counseling system, though it can be of great use to those working in that field. James answers this question specifically in the new interview!



  • Elad Einav

    May 7, 2017

    Wow! The things i read and heard just BLOW my mind!
    I’m probably a victim to my own narrow trance here, but i can’t seem to afford coming to the uk for the course..
    Sounds like a magical thing i would really like to be in.
    Hope i’ll get a chance to learn spiral somatics in the future!
    I have no questions. Just wanted to wish you a Fabulous ride!

    • Elad Einav

      May 7, 2017

      I’m in!!! with my beatiful wife’s blessing!
      so i guess i’ll see you there 😉
      soooooooo excited!!!!!!!!

      • James Tripp

        May 7, 2017

        That’s fantastic to hear, Elad… it’s going to be a great and magical week!