Rapid Hypno-sticking… No ‘Trance Induction’!

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This is the first video I have put out for a while due to my bandwidth in life being taken up with traveling, training, seeing clients and finding somewhere to live and a ton more! So I’m priming the pump with this video recorded on a recent trip to Brazil hosted by Brazilian Hypnosis trainer Alberto Dell’Isola.

Here I am primarily demonstrating the classic card stick that I teach as part of the Hypnosis Without Trance Hypnosis Mastery Programme along with some ‘pro-tips’ on making it land. In addition I also show how to take it into a ‘hand stuck to head’ scenario’ and share a tip on using that as a vehicle for name amnesia (which I cribbed from Professional Opportunist James Brown).

This video will be of interest to hypnotherapists interested in the use of hypnotic phenomena as well as street hypnotists, mentalists, magicians and performers.

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