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A few weeks back I was speaking at Interesting Talks London on the subject of Hypnosis and Personal Change. After the talk, a lady came up to me and said…

“Thank you, that was such a fascinating talk. I have to say, for me though, I really don’t think that I can be hypnotised.”

“Why is that?” I asked.

“Well…” she said “…there was a hypnotist here a few weeks back who tried all this hand locking thing [she mimes it] and it just didn’t work.”

“Well, why would it?” She looked confused?

“Well, put it this way…” I continued “…this [miming the handlock as she had done] doesn’t mean anything to you does it? I mean, it is not important or significant in any way?”

“No it doesn’t… you’re right.”

“So, for you it’s not going to be very useful content for hypnotic engagement or absorption. If, on the other hand, you were coming to me to change something important and meaningful in your life, and we began to unpack that and bring hypnotic focus to it, I can guarantee that you could not help but become hypnotically absorbed in that which was deeply personal and deeply meaningful… because that is the nature of it”

She thought about this for a moment, nodding along with the ‘logic’ of it, and concluded that what I was saying made sense.

Now the reason I could say this with absolute confidence is simply that I know it from experience to be true… and the source of this consistent experience is my grounding in Grovian Hypnosis (after David Grove) and it’s language of facilitation, most commonly known as Clean Language.

For me, David Grove’s approach is my back-up for everything else I do. If all else fails, I know it has my back. Why? Because it is based on utilising the clients own ‘deep reality’ to engage and lead that very same deep reality into ecological and respectful transformation. People cannot not become absorbed in that which is inherently absorbing for them…

They cannot not engage with that which compels their engagement!

If you are interested in developing skill with Clean Language (the foundational skill-set for Grovian Hypnosis), there are still a few hours left to run of the opening discount for Clean Language for Hypnotists On-Line and Interactive. Love to see you there!

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Clean Language for Hypnotist… On-Line and Interactive – Delivered and Facilitated James Tripp and Judy Rees, Starts 6th April

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