Fear and the Myth of Confidence

The No-fail Protocol workshop back in April was something that came about to help people with the number one-sticking point in improving their hypnosis skill…


Predominantly fear of failure (which the No-fail Protocol addresses by eradicating failure form the process), but other fears and anxieties can come into the mix:

Fear of the unknown
Fear of ridicule
Fear of success
Fear of power
Fear of revealing weakness
Fear of discomfort
Fear of confirming worst fears…

…and on, and on…

And this, of course, does not just apply to doing hypnosis (either as facilitator or subject) – because once people are committed to learning, changing and growing…

Fear is probably the single biggest factor holding these people back in life!

And people know it! So they dream up a solution – a magical mystical ‘holy-grail’ of an internal state that will solve all their problems and make everything right!

That solution; that holy grail, is that special thing that people call…


Yes, confidence – when you have confidence, everything will be all right!

So you can buy books on it; DVD’s, Audios, go on courses, but…

What if it doesn’t even exist? What if the whole confidence thing is just a myth? And what if believing that Myth is part of what is holding you back??!!

Just a thought!

To find out the truth (at least, the truth according to JT) about confidence, watch the video below, and then tweet/FB this post to your friends! (because people need to know). BTW, you can now follow me on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/JamesTrippHypno


This is a slight departure from the usual kind of thing that I post, so please do let me know if it is useful stuff (or not) via the comments section below!

All the very best


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James Tripp

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  • Steve portelli

    June 24, 2010

    James I totally agree with you, there is no such thing as confidence or self-esteem there is just you and how you feel at the moment.

    James you seem to radiate that confidence, how ever for me and many other who are trying to get into hypnosis it is not so easy, I wish that there was some magic potion that once you drink it, its gives you confidence even though it does not exist

  • Hey Steve

    I don’t know about magic potion, but that is what the No-Fail Protocol was all about – a system that eliminates failure from the hypnosis process so as we can proceed without fear and anxiety.

    I am working on the DVD’s at the moment, so if you need them, they will be coming soon!

    All the very best


  • Steve portelli

    June 24, 2010


    Is it good and well presented like your mastery program, cause if it is then you already have you already made one sale


  • IMHO, there is such a thing as feeling confident about a context, and it is a feeling that develops over time from having had proven to one’s self that you can handle yourself and act appropriately in the context.

    • O.K. Greg – cool!

      Do you mean a feeling you have about the context when you are not inside of it?


      • James – to answer your question – yes. Confidence, to me, is a feeling I have leading up to the context about being able to handle the context. Years ago I used to make a little money as a church organist and was initially very not confident. With experience, I got very confident about being able to do it. While in the context of playing the church organ it was all about playing and feeling the music. If while playing the organ if I were asked if I was feeling confident, I would probably have said “yes”, although a more truthful answer would have been “no I am feeling the splendor of the music.”

  • James Brown

    June 24, 2010

    Excellent as always. As you know I have been working on this myself and have come to much the same conclusion. I am looking forward to the change phenomena day where we can compliament each others work perfectly.


  • Peter Wright

    June 24, 2010

    Hi James,

    Yes nail hit right on the head again. For me personally, when I used to perform songs I’d already done many times, I was relaxed, calm, in the zone, interacting with the audience etc etc. When I was performing a song for the first time (even though I’d practiced it endlessly) the state was different. I performed without “confidence”, without all the elements of the state I have just described. Once I’d ‘broken the duck’ if you like of that particular song, it then became part of repertoire and the next time I performed it I was relaxed, calm etc etc.

    Curious – this comes from a “confident” performer. And so yes confidence for me in this context was a myth.

    Act “as if” is advice I give people who have some misgivings about their state in certain ‘out front’ performing situations. “Just trust your unconscious” is my own mantra, and its a good one especially in hypnotic contexts because this is where I need to be connected to.

    Keep it flowing!

  • Nigel Brennan

    June 24, 2010

    Hey James, love your work,
    I believed that there were two types of confidence, the confidence of a child where whey believed they could do something, then the confidence of actually knowing that you can do something, that the childish confidence gets knocked when failure happens and the latter confidence comes when you iron out the creases. Along the way you may add a crease or two which you have to iron out again. I now believe that both of these are simply the result of the inclusion of or removal of fear.
    It makes sense, and is relevant……….
    Instead of chasing after this thing called confidence, remove the fear.

  • Javier

    June 25, 2010

    Awesome, James. I believe that confidence is just one word.

    Looking forward to your next videos. Thank you.

  • I have to disagree James. If you say there is no confidence then you have to also say there is no fear. Clever symantics but you are dissing the label, the process is the same.

    I’ve been a performer for most of my life and fear is what gives you the buzz, the adreniline rush. Like being on a rollercoaster, it is the whole point! Fear isn’t just the negative limiting thing, it is often the spur.

    I guess it’s a perspective thing.

    • I’m glad that you disagree John – it would be a boring old business if everyone agreed! ๐Ÿ™‚

      But I don’t have to say that there is no fear if I say there is no confidence…

      If there were a beer glass on a table, we could look and see that there is a beer glass. but if we named the absence of the beer glass ‘confidence’, then by your synopsis if we said there was no confidence then we would have to say there is no beer glass.

      My suggestion is that fear and anxiety are states comprising certain activity in the sympathetic nervous system and endocrine system, and that what is labeled ‘confidence’ has no such corollary activity (merely an absence of the fear and anxiety activity). So I am not talking about clever semantics here at all.

      I agree that fear can be a spur, that is one aspect of ‘fight, flight, freeze’. And if it leads to fight (or throw yourself in) then great. But ‘flight’ and ‘freeze’, I believe, outweigh ‘fight’ massively when the situation is not immediately life and death.

      Anyhows, like you say, a different perspective. Great to have your contribution here!

      All the very best


  • Ben Culverhouse

    June 26, 2010

    So simple. When you think about it, people work so hard at getting psyched up about stuff and then call it confidence. Reminds me of a quote I heard once but don’t know its origin:

    “The harder you try, the harder it gets”.

    It’s a bit like peace perhaps; you can go to great lengths to find a peaceful mind but in reality all you’ve got to do is turn the volume down.

  • Doug

    June 27, 2010

    i’m glad someone finally said it..i have never been a fan of the word confidence because it starts with the word “con” where as words like “certainty” and “authentic” are more accruate descriptions of a sound state of being…gd vid!

  • philippe

    June 27, 2010

    if there is nothing like confidence ( wich can be a state, an idea, or a feeling ) well…. victory cant have a smell. ( and we all know that the specific smell of victory is napalm in the morning, at least with one person, even if it is not me ). And asyou are understanding what Nlp means, burning the map, make not desapear the teritory…

    But it’s probably a good thing to blur the map to cross the border sometimes: it’s all hypnosis and Nlp are about ; no?

    ” do you feel that….. sticking sensation?”


    But maybe i’m too analytical for my own good ( unhappily i am… )

  • Lee "Stevo" Stephens

    September 26, 2010

    “confidence” being the term used when there is a lack of Fear and Anxiety…I’ve never looked at it from this angle and it does make sense. Thanks, great video
    I used to think confidence came with information ( read more Hypnosis books, go on just one more course, know your subject inside and out) I believe it’s true to some extent but not sure where the lines are drawn.

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