Amnesia – ‘Submodalities’ Name Steal

Someone asked me today whether my ‘without trance’ method could do anything other than stick people to things.  It can and it does! I actually use this method most with my NLP and Hypnosis Change Work clients (and with them, it is much more about becoming un-stuck :-)) But in all fairness, sticking is all…

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The Set Up

This morning I posted on NLP Connections a little something about how I set up a hypnosis session, and t occurred to me that it would be useful to put it up here on the blog. First things first, there are a number of frames that you can put around hypnosis (magic, energy, trance etc.) that…

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Hand Stick Mystery!?

Hi All This is a teaser for the next vid where I’ll be showing the set up and breaking everything down in terms of what I am doing and what is happening. Enjoy for now! httpv://

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