A 10 day training in powerful skills for people developing and personal empowerment
with James Tripp


Beginning September 2012 at the Tripp Developmental Centre and Creative Suite, Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire UK

Are you interested in living life more skilfully (communicating and responding more effectively) and with greater awareness for what’s really going on with the people around you and with yourself?
Are you interested in becoming a creative or generative force in your own life and in the lives of others?


My name is James Tripp – welcome to the information page for the forthcoming Neuro-linguistic Influencer training. This training is an opportunity for 9 people to be personally coached in developing some of the most profound skills, attitudes and understandings for personal influence and empowerment that I personally know of.  And I am especially excited about sharing this material and teaching these skills, because I know how transformative it and they have been in my both own life and in the lives of my changework and mentoring clients.

In attending this training you will be stepping across the threshold into the world of the Neurolinguist… Broadly, you will be learning:
  • How people semantically organise and shape their realities (and how that limits or liberates them)
  • What drives people  – their behaviours, responses and choices
  • How to communicate effectively and influentially with both yourself and other people
  • How to uncover and tap into your passion, drive and creativity
  • How to coach and effectively facilitate change and growth in others

Essentially you will be becoming a Neuro-Linguistic Influencer – a unique individual with a specialised set of skills and understandings empowering you to become profoundly influential in both your own life and the lives and in the lives of those around them.

These are serious skills, and serious understandings!
With Neuro-Linguistic influence you will be learning to become a significantly more powerful communicator and significantly more empowered in understanding yourself and others in terms of influencing behaviour and responses.

Interlude – The Loops the Run Your Life


Just to be Clear – Neuro-Linguistic Influencer is an NLP training, right?

Well, yes… and no!

Whilst the influence of NLP on Neuro-Linguistic Influencer is unmistakable (just look at the name!)…

…this training is most certainly NOT about plain old ‘vanilla’ NLP.

Yes, the influence is here and here strongly, but so is the influence of various schools of…

  • Classical and Non-clasical ‘Hypnosis’
  • Eastern and Western philosophy
  • Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling,
  • Spiral Dynamics,
  • Robert Kegan’s developmental approaches
  • Keith Johnstone’s ‘Impro’
  • Eugene Gendlin’s Focusing
  • Albert Ellis’ REBT
  • Robert Fritz’s work on creativity
  • Various schools of sales and marketing
  • Teaching and coaching skillsets
  • Social dynamics
  • Meditation
  • Classic Rhetoric
  • Cognitive linguistics
  • Professional Storytelling
  • Mentalism and conjuringand much more.

Essentially, Neuro-Linguistic Influencer is about pragmatic skills and understandings for enhancing your ability to effectively influence your self and the world around you.  And, as a result, have more the kind of life you want and less the one you don’t.

There is no special reverence for any particular school, approach or idea…

Everything you will learn has been deconstructed, reconstructed, examined, road-tested and pressure tested to ensure that it works out there in the ‘real world’.

However, with all of that said, the chassis IS distinctly NLP… but NLP with many subtle adjustments and nuances arising from application and experience (because I refuse to teach anything that has not been made to work in the real world, which sometimes takes some ‘jigging’).

What I mean by this is that as a ‘student of human nature and dynamics’, I have never wanted to restrict myself in any way and have studied, explored and experimented extensively outside the field of NLP, looking at complimentary and contrasting perspectives on communication, personal growth, excellence and influence.

And I have personally ‘field tested’ all the core NLP material and explored where and why it works as well as what is happening when it doesn’t!

(Make no mistake, NLP is fantastic, but it isn’t ‘fairy magic’ – one of the things I want you to get if you get on this training is the skillet, mindset and knowledge base to trouble shoot when things are not working out and the adaptability to find your way round the roadblocks).

So, I have a particular perspective on NLP borne out of my experience of using it., and it is this perspective that you will be learning:

NLP jigged and hacked and blended with complimentary perspectives to make it work as effectively and pragmatically as I have personally found possible.

I will be teaching you nothing that I have not been able to make work, and can show YOU how to make work! Yes, I will juxtapose this with the ‘party line’, but what I really want you to have is exactly what works and only what I can verify works.

An Example

To give an example, the difference in Neuro-Linguistic Influencer to ‘NLP’ starts from the ground up:

This training is about INFLUENCING and CREATING, not ‘programming’

If you haven’t got deep into understanding influence and human dynamics yet, you may not yet get this as an important distinction – but it is huge!

People are not computers, and if you make the mistake of thinking of them as them as such and treating them as such you will overlook key elements of how they work and how they can be most effectively influenced You will disempower yourself to influence most effectively, and you disempower them to be the best that they can be. Because, the truth is…

People are not computers and cannot be ‘programmed’!

But when you recognise this – when you see people as developmental organisms and self-organising ‘organic’ systems – a whole world of possibility opens up! You can start to get truly smart as to how and where you can influence them (others and your ‘self’) – how you can understand them, engage them and nudge them in useful directions.

So this is a fundamental shift in the tacit paradigm straight of the bat which, in my experience, changes and empowers every thing – because you come alive to recognising human beings as dynamic systems of rich complexity, and as such are…

…empowered to apply the tools of understanding influence with far greater awareness and flexibility.

Beyond this initial shift there are many subtleties that build on this to make the toolset more powerful and applicable – like:

  • Understanding human feedback systems
  • Appreciating the developmental nature of Human Beings and how this relates to behavioural and belief change
  • Understanding how to effectively frame for change

and much more.

All in all, Neuro-Linguistic Influencer has a richer perspective than classic NLP on how people structure and organise their realities and how this impacts mindset, motivation and behaviour.

OK, So you should have a general flavour – but to introduce a bit more detail here, by attending Neuro-linguistic Influencer you will be exploring and developing:

  • The foundational presuppositions – multiple perspectives.
  • Understanding perception, representation, meaning and communication
  • Time, change and direction
  • Attitude and basic frames – feedback, outcome, curiosity, how over why, possibility, ‘as if’, agreement, contrast, backtrack, ecology.
  • Super-well-formed outcomes (Additional key distinctions included)
  • Building effective learning and change structures
  • Principles of Focusing and ‘Felt Sense’
  • Mind and Consciousness
  • Developmental Perspectives (Evolution of Self)
  • Understanding Drive and Drivers
  • Reactivity Vs. Creativity
  • Facilitating high quality feedback loops.
  • Establishing and maintenance rapport
  • Non-verbal Process Control
  • Pacing and leading (verbal and non-verbal)
  • Representational systems – sensory predicates and eye-accessing
  • State elicitation, installation and amplification
  • Sensory acuity and calibration
  • Overlapping and Translating Representational Systems
  • Accessing and building resource states
  • Understanding and utilising anchors
  • NLP Milton Model
  • NLP Meta Model
  • Clean Modelling and Facilitation
  • Understanding an utilising submodalities
  • Omni-directional chunking
  • Frames and reframing
  • Understanding, generating and utilising metaphors
  • Understanding and utilising Strategies
  • Basic Meta-Programmes
  • Classic Formal NLP Patterns (e.g. Collapsing Anchors, Swish etc). broken down and built back up for complete understanding (Not just learning the patterns, but learning FROM the patterns)

The ‘Logistics’

This is an accelerated practitioner combining pre-learning modules with 10 days of live exploration, learning and assessment.

Pre-learning: Prior to commencement you will receive a a series of audio learning modules in mp3 format. These modules are exclusive to those who sign up for this training and it is requested that you DO NOT share them.

Live Training: This is 10 days of powerful multi-level experiential learning (using Neuro-linguistics to teach Neuro-linguistics) divided across 5 weekends. Assessment will be ongoing throughout the training and supported by personal coaching.

The dates for Neuro-Linguistic Influence 2012 live segments are:

> September 29/30
> October 20/21
> November 10/11
> November 24/25
> December 8/9

Venue: The venue is the Tripp Developmental Centre and Creative Suite, in Letchworth Garden City. (This is ‘Tripp Central’ if you like – the place I coach from, host mentoring and development groups, and create videos and learning and development resources.)

Group Size: The training will be in a small group (capped at 9 people only) to ensure lots of personal attention and coaching.

Please Note: There are currently only 5 places remaining on this course!


Personally, I don’t think certification really means much, because the actual skills and understandings that you get are easily the most important thing. I am aware, however, that some people want formal certification, and that does offer the advantage of being able to get insurance as an NLP consultant or coach. So, certification will either be via SNLP or ANLP.


I am keeping the price for this training super low at:

£1650 including certification!


There are currently only 5 places left on this training, so if you want to be sure of securing your booking, please do book now!

To book, simply use the PayPal button below to place your deposit.

£200 Deposit ↓↓↓↓↓

You will then be invoiced for the balance which is payable on or before the 1st of September 2012.

Terms and Conditions


A non-refundable deposit of £200 is required to secure bookings, with the balance paid n or before the 1st of September 2012.

Cancellations, Refunds and Transfers

A 50% refund of the agreed price is payable as refund for all cancellation requests received in writing 14 days prior to commencement of the course.  No refund is available for cancellations made after 14 days prior to commencement of the course.

Alternatively you may choose a full refund in the form of credit spendable on other James Tripp workshops and/or home study materials.

Cancellation by James Tripp Consulting

In the unlikely event of cancellation by James Tripp Consulting you will receive a refund in full for all monies paid.


James Tripp Consulting reserves the right to make changes as required to course formats (excluding course duration). Also reserved is the right to make minor venue changes if necessary. Aside from these points all courses will be delivered as stipulated in the course description.

Obviously, James Tripp Consulting are not responsible for additional costs such as travel, subsistence and accommodation.

Delegate Responsibilities

Prior to the commencement of the course you will be required to sign a statement that they are physically and mentally fit to complete the training. You MAY also be required to sign Society of NLP (Richard Bandler) Licensing Agreements, should SNLP be chosen as the accrediting body.

Delegates are also expected to treat each other and the trainers with respect and to receive evaluation and feedback with good grace and an open mind. In order to ensure an enjoyable and effective learning experience for all, the right is reserved (as a last resort) to expel without refund any delegate who behaves disruptively or is disrespectful to others.

Further Questions


OK, that’s it I think. If there is anything else you need to know regarding this training, please do  ask via the comments section below, where aI will do all I can to answer as clearly as I can!

And I hope to see you in September!

All the very best

James Tripp


  • Shaun

    May 9, 2012

    Will the course be aimed at those that have some knowledge of nlp, or like me have none at all

    • admin

      May 9, 2012

      Hi Shaun

      No prior knowledge is required. This is totally from the ground-up!

      All the very best


  • Gary

    August 3, 2012

    Where is the course being held? What country?State? I`m in Melbourne Australia and would give my left testicle for this training,So i really want it to be here…please please please lol =^)

  • Gary

    August 3, 2012

    Never mind the first question,I jumped in head first. Is there anyone here in Melbourne Australia you could recommend for course like this? Cheers Gary

  • Thanks James.

    Gary, I have an NLP Prac training starting in late September. You can check out the details here:


    Should you decide you’d like to join us, you should also know that attendance at ‘A Touch of Magic’ is a prerequisite prior to Prac – and the only one I have scheduled between now and then is next weekend. Check it out here – and it’s well worth coming even if you don’t decide to do Prac:




  • Toby Sillence

    August 28, 2012

    Hi James.
    I have a couple of questions.
    Are there any places left on thE Neuro-Linguistic Influencer course?
    Are there any places left on the Mentalism course in September?

    I have attended a 20 day practitioner and master practitioner NLP course with itsnlp. Will I learn anything new on the influencer course?
    Could we have a chat at some point, so I could clarify a few questions with you?
    I am keen to sign up.

    • admin

      August 28, 2012

      Hi Toby

      There are places on both, and you will learn new stuff on Influencer. If you would like to chat we can fix a time via email for a phone call or Skype call.

      I’ll email you!


  • Magic Leo

    September 8, 2012

    That’s really an eye opener for me .every one is in such a loop that they to be de hypnotized and I would love to know more about and eagerly waiting for you to put more light on the same please

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