Forum Introduction and Rules of Conduct

Please ensure you familiarise yourself with this information before using these forums!

Welcome to the HWT Hypnosis Developing Group Forums

Please make use of these forums to ask questions, discuss aspects of Hypnosis and Influential Communication and make connections for co-coaching and practise buddying.

Please also feel free to share interesting things relating to Hypnosis/Influence/Mind Arts, tell stories, help others, or just hang around and talk to people.

The Forums are organised into the following Channels:

General Discussion

This is the area for discuss aspects of Hypnosis, Influential Communication and associate 'mind arts' (NLP, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Sedona, General Semantics, 3 Principles etc.). Please also make use of this area for requesting input and perspectives from fellow Developing Group members.

Monthly Q&A - Question Submission

At the beginning of each month I will start a new thread where group members can post their questions for the monthly Q&A. Please keep questions within the relevant thread.

Co-Coaching & Practise Buddying

This area is for posting requests for co-coaching partners and practise buddies, as well as organising practise groups.

Rules of Conduct

1. Treat all other users with respect. Personal insults and ad-hominem attacks (responding to arguments by attacking a person's character, rather than to the content of their arguments) are strictly forbidden.

2. Absolutely no commercial activity is permitted within the forum.

3. Please refrain from using bad language.

4. Keep your posts free from sexism, racism, homophobia or any other discrimination against groups.

5. Have fun and learn!

Those breaking the rules will receive warning, with repeat offenders being barred from using the forum. Offending posts will be deleted.

Any Questions?

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