Reality Shaper Mentoring Group!

A Powerful Private Mentoring Group for Evolving Creators

Reality Shaper - A Private Mentoring Group for Evolving Creators

Hi, James here...

I'm going to endeavor to keep this page as concise as possible! If you have watched the video above you will already have a sense of the direction and focus of this mentoring group, and you will already have a sense of whether it is of interest to you. I want to give you a few logistics here, but I will be skipping any 'marketing style' because I am not interested in selling you anything. Genuinely!

Firstly, let me say how excited I am to be opening Reality Shaper up as a mentoring group. The first time I ran this it was as a 6 month programme with official start and end dates.

This worked well, but it meant that people couldn't join after we were up and running and I had to turn good people away. Other than that it was a very rewarding programme to run, with the majority of participants getting significant results in terms of 'upping their game' in life (both personally and professionally).

So this time I have decided to run this as a mentoring group so that, providing their is space, I can let good people who want to join WHEN they want to join.

That said, the basic premise is the same - a small group of people working together in a seriously transformative way. Indeed, to be clear, this group is all about serious personal transformation and nothing else, so for that reason I can only accept people onto the program who are serious about utilising it to make real differences in their lives. This is an important point!

So, here are the logistics...


Reality Shaper is an invitation only mentoring group focussed on connecting you with your inherent power to shape your reality and build a prosperous and fulfilled life. The aim of the group and mentoring is twofold:

  1. For participants to develop themselves as Reality Shapers - people who are full owners of their reality and skilled creators of their own fulfilment (to be clear - this is about practical skills, attitudes and understandings and NOT esoteric and simplistic alleged 'laws' of the universe).
  2. To reshape their lives in significant and personally meaningful ways across the duration of the programme and beyond.

These two elements fit together because you will be learning by doing. The mentoring and coaching provided is NOT about abstract learning, it is about learning through exploration and doing.

Basic Membership - 6 Months

  • 6 Months developmental work
  • 18 Live Group Coaching/Mentoring Sessions (conducted via Skype)
  • Unlimited personal Q&A and Virtual Coaching
  • Structured Developmental Monitoring
  • Unlimited Lifetime Access to the ever growing Reality Shaper resource library and archive
  • Facilitated peer communication and support

Upgraded Membership - 6 Months

  • All the elements offered with Basic Membership
  • Plus an additional 6 (1 per month) private 90 minute personal coaching sessions

Group Quality and Size

The Reality Shaper group is be a high quality group of individuals looking to transform themselves in terms of personal power and efficacy. Each person will be bringing and evolving their own personal project in terms of creating the life they choose (everyone in the group will be working to create something or things into the world) and will be making a commitment to engaging with the work and playing full out. Only those who are willing to make a commitment to taking affirmative action and are willing to go deep in their exploration of personal power and efficacy will be permitted to join. So please, if you think you are broken and are looking to be healed, please don't apply. If, however, you are looking to empower yourself to create enriched experiences and a more fulfilling life, get in touch!

There will be an absolute maximum of 5 people in the group at any one time, so as to ensure personal attention and quality in learning and exploring. And there may be even fewer since places will only be offered to those who match the entry criteria.

Group Quality and Size

The focus of this mentoring group is transformative rather than informative. This means that there is no fixed content - the people in the group, where they're at and where they are going will dictate the programme both in terms of process and content.

That said, there are certain principles, perspectives, concepts and ideas that will underpin proceedings. These include:

  • Patterns, Skills and the Game Behind the Goal
  • Owner Vs. Victim
  • Generative Outcomes
  • Upgrading Consciousness
  • Living in Choice Vs. Living in Circumstances
  • Semantic Engineering
  • Developmental Thinking
  • Information Vs. Transformation
  • Creation Vs. Acquisition
  • Transcending Vs. Fixing
  • Projects Vs. Practices
  • Walking The Path Vs. Drifting
  • Power Vs. Control (Escaping the Control Trap)
  • Perspective Vs. Truth - Escaping the Truth Trap
  • Cultural Hypnosis
  • Building your Empowered Self
  • Three Levels of Mind
  • Mindflow and Reality Loops
  • Utilising Consciousness
  • Utilising 'Power Linguistics' in Internal Dialogue
  • High Level Self Coaching
  • Priming
  • Generative Failure and Anti-Fragility
  • Generative Perspective Taking


Basic Programme: £1800 (Hypnosis Without Trance subscribers only).

Upgraded Programme: Fee given via personal communication.

The fee for Reality Shaper Mentoring Group is a nominal fee set to be high enough so as not to be trivial and low enough so as not to be prohibitive. The reason is because this programme is not about money, it is about genuine transformation for committed individuals. If you are one of those who make it onto the programme, you will find the value of the fee paid back a thousand-fold and more. Engage fully and your life will transform.

If you are put off by the fee, be clear that this is a message that this programme is not for you. Your investment here is 100% in yourself, and you need to have a clear willingness to invest in yourself. In joining Reality Shaper you will be committing to invest a LOT more than just the fee - you will be committing to invest your time, your honesty, your effort and your willingness to push your boundaries and sincerely question your old limiting realities.


If you think this programme might be for you, send me an email at telling me:

  1. Where you are at in your life?
  2. How do you want to use the rest of your life?
  3. What kind of life are you looking to create?
  4. What you have already done to proactively develop yourself and your life?
  5. Anything else you feel may be relevant?

If it looks like you may be a good fit, we will arrange a time to have a deeper conversation about where your at and what you want, and what might best serve you in that.

Just to be clear, these conversations are coaching conversations NOT sales conversations. There will be absolutely no obligation on either side for coaching to continue (either via Reality Shaper or any other means). The aim of the conversation is to go deep into what you need and consider a possible fit for the programme.

Reality Shaper Mentoring - Q&A

If you have any questions about the Reality Shaper Mentoring, just ask below!