Learn the craft of profound empowerment and
deep transformation with the tools and skills of Formal Hypnosis!

A 3 month, small group training program facilitated by James Tripp focusing on the application of formal hypnosis to life-changing transformation and empowerment work!

36 + hours of online live training (teaching, coaching, demonstration, practise, debriefing) + additional supporting materials and extended support online support.

Beginning May 2021

Learn the craft of profound empowerment and
deep transformation with the tools and skills of Formal Hypnosis!

A Live 3 Month, web-based Training, including 36 hours of live work + additional extended support and coaching.

12 People Only - Beginning May 2021

Principle Trainer and Coach: James Tripp

Hypnosis for Transformation and Empowerment: Practitioner Training

Hi There

Welcome to this information page for the forthcoming (and only) Practitioner Training for Hypnosis Without Trance: Hypnosis for Transformation and Empowerment (HTE Practitioner Training).

This is NOT a sales page, it is an information page. As such, you will find no long sales copy here, only information relating to the training. Please also note that this is a 'live page' so it will start out simple but will have videos and additional information added as the weeks progress. Any and all questions about this training, from ethos to content to logistics are welcomed via the comment section at the bottom of the page!

James Tripp

What is the HTE Practitioner Training?

Without question, hypnosis can be a powerful and life-changing practise. Using the varied skills, tools and processes we can lead people into significantly different understandings and experiences of themselves, better equipping them to meet and create with the challenges and circumstances life sends their way. Hypnosis can help people become stronger, more adaptive, more grounded, more resilient (or better yet 'anti fragile) and more able to create lives that are rich and fulfilling for both themselves and others.

But, regrettably that is not always how things go!

If you are a practising hypnotherapist or hypnotic change agent, you will already be aware from your own experience that not all clients are equal in their capacity to respond and change with hypnosis. The reasons for this are multiple and varied (and all need to be understood if we are to mitigate this situation), but there is one that sits at the very heart of hypnosis culture, hiding in plain sight.

That idea is that hypnosis is supposed to be able do something for people passively. That people can be hypnotised to be different (often at the most superficial behavioural level). That they can come in as one sort of unconscious robot and leave as a different sort.

The truth is, the clients that do well with hypnotic changework are the one who have a strong intention to change. They are the ones who proactively engage and have a (often unconscious) commitment to getting a positive result.

They are the ones who are willing to connect in to their 'I can' rather than hoping that hypnosis will stand in for it.

In short, those who change are those who connect into and take ownership of their innate power and capacity to affect change.

Now, it is safe to say that many approaches to hypnotic changework teach little or nothing about connecting people into their power, agency and capacity. Instead, they focus on 'reprogramming' behaviours or depotentiating 'root causes' (this can be good, but only when the client is sufficiently connected in to their personal power to do the work, otherwise it can go south quickly). This is because most focus on change rather than transformation. So what is the difference?

Think about it in terms of games... let's pick Chess.

In a game of chess, I can change my strategy at any point in the game. I could change from playing aggressively to playing defensively. Between games I could change the side of the board and colour I'm playing. These are all changes to be sure - but none of them are transformation. Now imagine I change the rules, the number of squares, or add new pieces that can move in new and unique ways. Now we are playing an entirely different game - now we have transformation!

Often, people coming to hypnotherapy are looking for outcomes that are impossible within the 'rules of their game'. They don't know this, of course, but it is what is getting them and keeping them stuck. To become free from the problem, they need to go deeper and change their unconsious 'rules'. When hypnotherapy works, transformation pretty much always happens, but often more by luck than judgement unless you are trained to see the difference and know how to nudge the system.

In this training, you will be learning to work at the level of transformation ALWAYS. You will learn to spot 'suckers games' that clients get caught in (and avoid being recruited into them) and learn how to lead people out to new freedoms. You will also learn how to switch your clients on and connect them in to their personal power empowerment is essential to all transformation, so always comes first).

We will be focusing on 'formal hypnosis' - by this I mean formal processes and facilitations rather than on 'conversational' work. This doesn't necesarily mean 'trance inductions' (although we may play with some, dependent upon the appitites of the group) altough we will be doing significant altering of states and attentional patterns, along with working with direction and suggestion.

On a practical level, this training will help you increase your impact with your clients AND develop your skill and range with hypnosis.

It will also allow you to work inside and outside of explicit hypnosis frames without effecting impact (I worked for a number of years with UK Armed Forces veterans clearing PTSD and getting them back on top of life, using hypnotic tools, techniques and skills, without EVER mentioning hypnosis once). This is extremely useful because you can take your skills into domains where talk of hypnosis may not be helpful or appropriate.

Who Is This For?

This training is for anyone looking to assist people in becoming more empowered, more resourced and generally more on top of life. Along side this you will be becoming more adept at helping people resolve their problems through inner transformation.

If you have no experience of hypnosis or changework, you will learn enough to be able to work professionally. If you are already experienced, you will be refining your skills and understandings and learning different ways of working (even that which is familiar, will likely have different nuances and takes.

Everything is 100% 'real world' - tried tested and honed.

PLEASE NOTE: This training is NOT for you if you are looking for 'magic wands' that do things for you without you having any understanding of them. It IS for you if you are looking for skills, tools and understandings that you can own and apply in affecting transformative change. Please bring your brain, your curiosity, your enthusiasm and your appetite for learning. Also, be willing to engage in transformation yourself!

You really are reinventing and transforming not only hypnosis, but yourself. Your assertiveness has increased a lot. Obviously your change work works!

Mauricio Galvez - Hypnosis Explorer

Format and Fees

This training will take place across a total of 3 months plus an additional month of follow up support. You will be part of an exclusive group of 12 people (numbers are restricted to allow for personal coaching input).

Live time will be comprise of 2x Zoom sessions per week (Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm London Time). The first session of the week will be a mix of teaching and demoing, with the second a mix of demoing and practicing. Additional practise will also be encouraged via a 'study buddy' system.

Alongside the live sessions, there will be a concurrent private Facebook group for participants only. In this group I will all questions that occur outside of training time by video. The group will officially open 1 week before commencement of the training, and will run formally for the duration of the training and for one month afterwards. There will also be some additional materials you will be given access to a minimum of one week prior to commencement.

The live dates for the training are:

  • 04 May
  • 06 May
  • 11 May
  • 13 May
  • 18 May
  • 20 May
  • 25 May
  • 27 May
  • 01 June
  • 03 June
  • 08 June
  • 10 June
  • 15 June
  • 17 June
  • 22 June
  • 24 June
  • 06 July
  • 08 July
  • 13 July
  • 15 July
  • 20 July
  • 22 July
  • 27 July
  • 29 July

Each sessin will run from:

  • 7pm to 8.30pm London time
  • 2pm to 3.30pm NYC time
  • 11am to 12.30pm LA time


Please be aware that this entire training will be recorded. As participants you will have access to the replays (they will be posted to a private portal following each weekend chunk). If you do not wish to appear in the recording, you can ask questions via text chat during the session and through the facebook group between sessions.


The full fee for this training is £2497 for those booking after the 6th of April 2021 and £1997 for those booking before.

PLEASE NOTE: If you register interest via the form below before midnight on the 6the of April, the lower fee will be held for you


That really is about all I need to say!

If there is anything I've missed that you would like to get clear on in deciding whether this course is 100% for you, please do make use of the comments section at the bottom of this page to ask.

Also, please do note that I will be adding extra videos to this page over the next week, so make sure you check back in from time to time!

All the very best

James Tripp

Learn the craft of profound empowerment and
deep transformation with the tools and skills of Formal Hypnosis!

PLEASE NOTE: If you register interest via the form below before midnight on the 6the of April, the lower fee will be held for you!

Principle Trainer and Coach: James Tripp

>>> For full information on HWT website and purchasing terms and conditions, please CLICK HERE! <<<

Hypnosis for Transformation and Empowerment Practitioner... Q&A

If you have any questions about the this training, please do ask below!


  • alia shirzad

    March 30, 2021

    Hi James,
    1. If I purchase HTE practitioner live training course, will I get access to your video courses listed in Home Learning Section? Or do I have to purchase it separately?
    2. I live in LA and time of the live session falls in the middle of work day, so I will not be able to attend “live” teaching. Will I have an access to the recorded session in the same day? Or there is another option for people in similar situations?
    Thanks ahead :))

    • James Tripp

      March 31, 2021

      Hi Alia

      1. You will get access to some of those materials (or, at least, different versions of them). If you want to discuss that further, please do email me on james (at) hypnosiswithouttrance.com

      2. There will be recordiongs of the sessions, however, some of those session will be active sessions where you will be doing things, so you will definitely lose some of the value of the training if you are unablle to attend these.



  • Richard Ingate

    March 30, 2021

    Hello James, this looks very interesting to me. You suggest there might be some coaching/mentoring/something towards the end of the course to help with business building. This is the area I struggle with most so would be grateful if you have any more to comment on this. Thank you, Richard

    • James Tripp

      March 31, 2021

      Hi Richard

      Yes, there will the opportunity for input on some aspects of business via the private FB group, HOWEVER, this is not what this will primarily be about.

      I will say that I LOVE the ‘business’ side, though I don’t personally think of it that way. For me it is about individuation as a pratitioner and how you connect your uniqueness to the world. Or, to put it another way, the conversation you have with the world (which starts with where you arew having it from).

      If you are thinking of taking this mainly for the ‘business’ stuff, my advice is “don’t”. You would be better off hiring me privatly to focus on that, or waiting for the next coaching group I run in that realm (which may be farly soon, given the number of requests I’ve recetly had).

      Hope that helps:


  • John Roberts

    March 30, 2021

    James, if you want to sell your course you may want to rethink the price.

    We are in the midst of a fake pandemic, and the Globalists have decreed this to be The Great Rest.

    Their plan is to destroy the world’s economy and institute a cashless system of global techno fascism.

    People will want to be very careful with their resources going forward.

    And yes, as a hypnotist trained by Gil Boyne, I can attest to the fact that no one changes unless they have reached a point of readiness for change.

    This point of readiness for change usually requires hitting rock bottom, often multiple times.

    Sadly, most people who come to a hypnotist have too many secondary payoffs to actually embrace change and all that it entails.

    People are afraid of change. They may live in some form of hell, but at least it is familiar.

    All the best,
    John Roberts
    Licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine

    • James Tripp

      March 31, 2021

      Hi John

      Thank you for your suggestions and observations.

      Regarding the fee for this training: my aim here is not to merely ‘sell the course’ to ‘make money’. The chosen fee is based upon the balancing of a number of variables including how much I personally value the material along with how much I value my time and energy in delivering and facilitating it (even though the prevalent cultural programming seems to be that we should sell our time, energy and expertise cheap… I wonder who that paradigm serves?).

      There is, of course, no rule in the universe that says anyone has to take this training at this price, and I have absolutely no desire to convince anyone that they should invest if they don’t see it as an investment.

      Regarding change: yes, some people are afraid of change. Some are afraid of some change. And some are actively looking to change.

      I have coached plenty of people who have hit rock bottom. I also have coached many people who are highly proactive in shaping their professional and personal lives. Most have been somewhere in between.

      All the very best,


  • John Roberts

    April 1, 2021

    “Fee is based on how much I value chosen material, my time and energy.”

    All well and good.

    What a product sells for is only based on what people are wiling to pay for it, not what you think it should cost.

    Get back to me when you have filled up the course and we can continue this discussion.

    All the best,
    John Roberts DOM

    • James Tripp

      April 3, 2021

      Hi John

      I think you are missing my point here. As I already stated: “my aim here is not to merely ‘sell the course’ to ‘make money’.” To enlarge on this…

      I already know from experience that a coaching group at this price point (for an equivalent number of working hours) will fill. What I am curious about is whether a *training* (rather than a coaching group) will sell for the same fee. The input from me is the same, but the frame and delivery style is different.

      My bet is – like yours – that it won’t (because framing counts), but as I love running trainings (and this is a training I would particularly love to run) I am testing this hypothesis. If it sells out, I will have delightfully proven myself wrong. If it doesn’t, I will know to focus my energies exclusively on coaching groups, and lower ticket content-based webinars and download programs in the future.

      All the very best,