“Brilliant and revolutionary! Hypnosis Without Trance has totally changed the way I look at things…”

Alan Whitton – Hypnotherapist and NLP Coach, creator of Fighter’s Mind

“This material has taught me more about Hypnosis than my previous 20 years in Psychology and 4 years as a practicing Hypnotherapist.  Hypnotherapists are sometimes very scathing of this stuff,  perhaps scared at what they might accomplish!  This material should be a standard requirement for ANY Hypnotist wanting to bring about real change work.  Everything is demonstrated without anything held back and explained in finest detail,  to satisfy all learning styles.  If you don’t learn this stuff you will be left behind!”

Michael Skirving – DNLP, DHyp, LAPHP West Mids

“If you are looking for a practical no B.S. guide to elicit hypnotic phenomena then do yourself (and your clients) a favour and check out James Tripp’s Hypnosis Without Trance program.

I have worked professionally as an agent of change for twelve years, done thousands of client sessions and read several hundred books on psychology , nlp and hypnosis. Relatively seldom do I get my hands on a product that actually delivers something new , exciting and useful for an ‘old’ pro as myself.

James gave me several useful nuances (including a new way of eliciting amnesia) that I am using in my daily work, and his ideas have inspired me to develop some useful modifications, experiments and techniques of my own.

This is the first product I have ever endorsed or recommended and James didn’t even ask me to do it .

For the beginner I can’t think of a more useful and comprehensive product for the purpose of learning to elicit hypnotic phenomena .

Strongly recommended.”

Jørgen Rasmussen – Author of Provocative Hypnosis (From a Review on NLP Connections)


“A superb and well developed approach – the most impressive I’ve ever seen!”


Robert Whittington – Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist

“James is now running courses in the UK on his no trance hypnosis work. I thoroughly recommend spending some time in his company. He knows many things, has the flexibility of an NLPer (a good one) the intent of a hypnotist (a good one) and the manners of a true gent.

He will bend you in two with his mind.”

Anthony Jacquin – Hypnotist, Hypnosis Trainer, author of Reality is Plastic and creator of The Manchurian Approach

“James, James, James …

I want to let you know how much I appreciate your video and blog. I am an NLP and Hypnosis Trainer (US and UK) with a 30 year history in the field, and quite frankly, when I look around the “academic and professional hypnosis community”, I see more bullshit than substance.

It is refreshing to see you at your art… and your great language utilization is as natural as it is effective. You are a member of an elite circle of hypnosis trainers – you’re the real deal.

I’m going to share your video with my students and friends.”

Michael Watson – NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer of Hypnosis and NLP

“Just a quick note here to say I’m about 1/2 – 2/3 way through your course now and, without blowing smoke, this is some really fantastic work my friend! This is quite the accomplishment.

Quite simply, I had high expectations for you and this course and you’ve more than exceeded them. It’s even better than I hoped for, worth (much!) more than I paid and I would gladly recommend it to anyone studying hypnosis and who is serious about furthering their understanding, approach and application of these tools. This course is a tremendous value. You could sell it for A LOT more than you’re asking, no doubt…

Of special note and value is the way you set up, it’s absolutely lovely. I’m a big fan of the “It’s not hypnosis” frame and you’re wonderful with it.

Without a doubt, your work and approach will assist me (& others) in growing with hypnosis. You’ve done a stellar job of streamlining the material and cutting the fat off the application.

I’m having a blast making my way through this course. I find myself in complete agreement with most everything you say and I’ve taken 30 pages of notes and thoughts by disc 5 part two…

One thing I really appreciate is making the information available in multiple modalities with audio, visual and cognitive (PDF books) channels. You’re really knocking on all cylinders!

The greatest praise I can give something is recommending it to others. I’ll be very strongly recommending your course to everyone interested in or currently studying hypnosis, beginner and seasoned pro alike! There is so much of value here.

Bravo. I’m a fan, I’m EXTREMELY impressed and happy with your material thus far and a lot of it will be incorporated in my work. Thank you for sharing!”

Jerome Finley – Hypnotist and Master Mentalist

“James, I am a massive fan of your work, love your ideas your views and thinking behind hypnosis. I really am a big fan and have learnt so much from you. Thank you!”

Amit Badiani – Magician, Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist and ‘Manchurian Approach’ Trainer

“I love how you can pace and lead with this stuff, so you stick all their body parts to anything and everything as you springboard: So as x sticks even more, you can notice that y is happening! Great stuff – cheers James!!”

Darren Altman – Hypnotist (London, UK)

“…as good as Igor or any one else I’ve seen – maybe better!”

Steven Girard – Hypnotist (London, UK)

“Last night during my walk-around magic gig, I was testing out your business card, arm stuck and fingers stuck! the result was brilliant! I didn’t hypnotise the guys but showed them plenty of tricks, then the last trick I did was ‘try and bend your arm’, he couldn’t do it! Then his mate wanted a go so I went on to do ‘try and drop the business card into my hands’, he couldn’t do it! And as soon as I clap you will… booooom!! Very effective stuff!”

Kiegan Vallely – Magician and Hypnotist (Brighton, UK)

“James, it has been a pleasure to see you work! You have some great ideas and an infectious attitude to everything. In my opinion, you are one of the few hypnotists working today with a modern attitude to both the performance and the theory behind it.”

Harry Guinness – Ireland’s Premier Street Hypnotist (Dublin, Ireland)

“I have been thinking about and using so much of what you taught us on Saturday including one or two things I’d been taught before. However, the difference was in the way you presented it… It really resonated with me, thank you so so much…

I got the card stick, hand stick, then transferred to the head other arm and then the chair stick and name amnesia in a pub last night. And beer glass stuck to the table, then achieved Invisibility, did the walk, then the floating Glass, the Glass and Head, Glass, Head and Legs by using the Hypnotic Ladder all at my first attempt! Amazing… ;O)”

Phillip Ryan – Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner

“I tried the handstick last night and it worked a treat. In fact after sticking one hand it only took about 10 seconds to stick the other hand as well. And then another 10 seconds to stick both feet – all with eyes open and none of the trance induction stuff that I’d usually do.”

Mike Stoner – Magician, Musician, Hypnotist and NLP Practitioner

“It’s genius on so many levels for me.”

Alistair Donnell – NLP Practitioner

“James, finally read your report! Wished I’d read it earlier! Fantastic work and whatever anyone thinks about it, it certainly increases one’s options. I can’t wait to try it out now!”

Ben White – Hypnotist and IEMT Practitioner

“James’ delivery is excellent – it was well paced, it was clear, and the stuff that we worked on and learned you could use straight away… very masterful!”

Janette Hellyer – NLP Practitioner (talking after NLP training)

“Hi James. My name is Marcello Seri, I’m a mathematician, an hypnotist and a mentalist. A group of friends gifted me with your Hypnosis Without Trance mastery program, and I just want to tell you that it is really great! I’ve used ‘no trance’ hypnosis many times… (the idea came from the name of your course of course) but I’ve never developed a system or a theory so good and complete around it as you have.

I’m a follower of your blogs so I already knew that there was something behind what you do, but your program opened my mind and improved my hypnosis style and my success in a really strong way :). So thank you very much for what is a great product! I’m waiting for the release of the ‘No Fail Protocol’! hoping that I will be released soon!

Have a nice day!”

Marcello Seri – Hypnotist, Mentalist and Mathematician
“Thank you so much for a fantastic weekend on HWT!  It was an excellent experience which has helped me in so many ways.  Your delivery style, together with NLP experience and Clean Language, really resonated with me, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with you and the other attendees.

No questions were off limits and you completely understand the torments and nemesis of failure of the budding hypnotist.  Most experienced hypnotists skirt around the issue and discuss ignoring failure and being unattached to the outcome and I am sure that comes with time but in the early stages it is almost impossible to be unafraid of failure.  Therefore your ‘no fail,’ step by step, flag testing process completely maps out the route… “
Diane Sweeney – Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist, London U.K.


  • Alan Cole-WIlkin

    March 4, 2011

    On February 28th 2011 I attended the HWT Changework Application Programme with my colleague. As two highly qualified and experienced hypnotherapists and NLP Master Practitioners we expected that we may learn one or two ‘nice to know’ techniques. What we didn’t expect was the quantum shift this programme can create. James is a personable and very skilled individual, he has produced a system that merges hypnosis, NLP, Clean Language, Clean Space and Hyperempiria amongst other disciplines into a highly effective therapeutic tool box. His execution of the techniques was a masterclass in elegance and effectiveness.
    This is not a programme to attend if you are stuck in the trance induction and ‘hypnosis as a panacea’ school. James will challenge your preconceptions and demonstrate how his methods work effectively and without fuss. This is a must to add to your therapist toolbox. There’s a lot more to this guy than Hand Sticking and Hypnosis without trance.
    Alan Cole-Wilkin DHP, Master Prac NLP, Fellow NLPPA

  • Eoin Mc Carthy

    September 6, 2011

    Here is something I’d like to share. I always had an interest in hypnosis and trained as an NLP practitioner in 2003. I then qualified as a Hypnotherapist in 2008. My paperwork was great and I even set up my own practice. However, the practice only lasted about a year. I was doing the relaxology thing, complete with the music in the background. Now I’m sure I did get hypnosis sometimes and did get good results with some people, but I never tested for hypnosis, and often avoided using it. After the practice went to the wall, I more or less left hypnosis behind me, and didn’t really tell people or talk about it any more. I even wondered sometimes if any of this hypnosis stuff worked or was even real. I did maintain my interest however and got James HWT and NFP courses. I also looked at what other hypnotists were doing, and concluded that most of what I had learned on my hypnotherapy course was pretty poor.
    I got a call last week from an old friend who wanted to avail of my services. I was unsure of myself and was going to pass on the name of one of my classmates who is still practising. However I said I’d call to my friend to discuss it. I called this evening – no music – no scripts – no bullshit – got straight down to it – set up a nice no fail frame, and hey presto – I stuck her hand to the table and to her head. Then I done the closed eye thing, as it fitted with her expectations. She even had an abreaction, so some of my training was useful after all. I handled the abreaction very well, left her feeling great, and totally amazed with her experience. But just like James story of the night he tried the card stick in the pub – no one was more amazed than me. Finally – after all these years – I feel like a hypnotist. For those of you who may be in a similar boat to me, (this includes most of my old classmates) keep the faith. I will no longer hesitate to tell anyone that I am a hypnotist, and I’m looking forward to my next chance to practice my skills again. Thanks James for helping me to finally get to grips with the art.

    • James Tripp

      September 8, 2011

      Thank you Eoin for sharing your story!

      I hope that you start getting into doing some changework again, even if it is just a side-line – it can be personally very rewarding and is a great skill to have.

      I am going to be setting up a new blog soon specifically on changework, so do keep your eyes open for that.

      Thanks again for sharing your story, and if there are any further chapters, I would love to hear them.

      All the very best


  • Bill Dekel

    October 2, 2011

    James, doesn’t the fixation you use represent the entering of a trance state? I’ve read about inductions that involve this form of fixation (such as on a shiny object, or on a “spot on the hand”) quite often and have difficulty believing that this is not just another induction, even if of a light trance.

    • James Tripp

      October 14, 2011

      Hi Bill

      To answer your question, I would really need to know exactly what you mean by the phrase “trance state”.

      I would say that fixation encourages focus of attention. If for you this is the same as ‘trance’, then yes!

      For me, however, ‘focus of attention’ is just focus of attention – to call it ‘trance’ brings in a whole load of other mysterious connotations that are not really useful.

      All the very best


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