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"It's so refreshing for me to hear what I'm NOT hearing
in other trainings - and that is the nonverbal..."

Terry Butler - Hypnotist, New Kensington, USA

Hypnosis Without Trance -
The Fundamentals of Non-Verbal Influence

Moving minds and creating impact through how you move, express and generally show up!

(The above video references the workshop captured for this programme - watch now and discover what this is about!)


  • Strategic Influence
  • Gravitational Influence
  • 'Advanced' Rapport and Connection Dynamics
  • Status Dynamics
  • Non Verbal 'Process Control'
  • And MUCH more!

Are you interested in increasing your personal presence and impact?

Are you looking to take your ability to influence to another level?

Have you ever wondered what really makes a great ‘conversational hypnotist’?

About The Fundamentals of Non-Verbal Influence...

Hi There...

James Tripp here - thanks for watching the video (or thanks ahead of time if you are yet to watch it!) and taking the time for yourself to visit and read this page.

As you have just watched  at least some of the above video, you will have a sense of ‘how I am’ as a person (which may, or may not, correspond with how I actually ‘am’). You will have unconsciously formed a whole bunch of impressions and those impressions will inform and influence how you respond to me and my message. And those impressions will be built off…

…not WHAT I said but HOW I said it!

Because you are a human being, you will have been unconsciously attuned to multitude of non-verbal elements that carried the words I was saying within them. We all do this; we all read people unconsciously and the conclusions we draw affect our response to those people… and 99%+ of the time we are totally unaware of it.

So what kind of messages are you giving off? Do they support your cause or hinder it?

Terry Butler

“It’s so refreshing for me to hear what I’m NOT hearing in other trainings – and that is the nonverbal.

So many trainings take this for granted or just overlook it. Or simply just plainly don’t know themselves what they’re doing or why!”

Terry Butler Hypnotist, New Kensington, USA

Non-Verbal Dynamics and Gravitational Influence

As you are here at this website, you know me as a professional Hypnotist, but 10 years ago things were very different… I was just a disempowered data-inputter with questionable communication skills and a life that was headed nowhere I was interested in going! I was pretty dissatisfied with my lot so I made a series of decisions that would lead me on a very different course in life… and very quickly to a place way outside of my comfort zone!

It quickly became apparent that I was going to need to seriously upgrade my communication and influence skills (and fast!) so I dived into a course of deep learning and exploration.

And so I studied NLP, Hypnosis, Rhetoric, Public Speaking, Acting and Improvisational Theatre and more.  And beyond that went out and experimented in the world via Street Hypnosis, Illusionism and Mentalism, working with groups of ‘behaviourally challenged’ teenagers, speaking at conferences, leading exploration and training groups in a variety of areas (from martial arts to changework to hypnosis), client work (coaching and changework), marketing and business building and more.

Now in that time I’ve learned a lot, but one of the key lessons is that has become more and more obvious over time is that, of all the elements that comprise influential communication…

…the Non-Verbal elements are easily the most important!

Because if you can’t gain trust, if you can’t establish connection if you can’t communicate authority, you lack gravitas and presence and can’t lead the dynamic in terms of focus, emotion and ‘vibe‘…

…then all the hypnotic language patterns, values elicitation, anchoring work etc. will all fall to nothing!


  • Trust
  • Connection
  • Authority
  • Gravitas
  • Presence
  • Focus
  • Emotion
  • Vibe

All of these things create the context for your linguistic and strategic work. But here’s the thing…

…even in the absence of smart and focused linguistic and strategic work, this stuff is still dynamite, because it is the basis for what we could call Gravitational Influence - the kind of influence that…

…effortlessly pulls people into orbit around you and creates within them a desire to follow your lead!

(there is much to be said for this form of influence – it is not a Machiavellian manipulation but a powerful and congruent way of being in the world that starts from the inside out… but more on that another time).

Gravitational Influence is a powerful thing to develop, and the more of it you ‘have’, the more things will just go your way in life. And be clear…

…it is 100% something that can be learned.

And a key part of that learning is understanding the non-verbal dynamics!

Ironically, 10 years on from being that disempowered data-inputter, I have people from time to time say things to me like:

It’s all right for you, you have natural confidence!” 

And why do they say that? Because they draw an unconscious assumption based upon LEARNED non-verbal skills! LEARNED SKILLS – and…

…you can learn these skills too! :-)

Jonathan Altfeld

“As someone who trains targeted voice effects, I have extremely high standards for evaluating how people use their voices. Much of what’s out there does not meet my most basic expectations for a skilful voice.

Here’s a breath of fresh air! James’ vocal delivery and mastery of rhythm… make him someone any NLP or hypnosis student needs to include in their studies.”

Jonathan Altfeld Mastery InSight Institute

So, what exactly does this programme cover?

The Fundamentals of Non-Verbal Influence consists of over 5 and a half hours of material delivered across 4 videos, covering...

FNVI - Part 1

  • Non-verbal Influence as it relates to Hypnosis
  • The HWT Hypnosis Definition
  • A non-verbal emphasis sharpens intent
  • Mehrabian unpacked and clarified
  • Patterned non-verbal behaviours and unconscious reading
  • Retiring ‘hypnosis’
  • Conversational Hypnosis and ‘structure’
  • The Over/Covert Continuum
  • The Triad of Influence
  • Strategic versus Gravitational Influence
  • Outcome Orientation
  • How is it that you want to be in the world?
  • Staying switched on — Base State
  • Self Image and Identity
  • Avoiding the Control Trap
  • Inside Out and Outside In influence
  • Power and Status
  • High and low status play
  • The Entourage Effect
  • Influence enhancing feedback loops

FNVI - Part 3

  • Shifting Posture to Shift State
  • Location of Attention
  • The Locus/Focus Switch
  • Rapport and Status
  • Respect versus Rapport
  • Avoiding Rapport Neediness and Being Comfortable with Not Having Rapport
  • Pacing and Leading Gravitationally
  • Status, Strategic Provocation and Playfulness
  • Don’t move down bring people up!
  • Folding Dynamics inside of Dynamics
  • Status Reactions
  • Use of Mismatching
  • Misuse of Matching
  • Expressive and Receptive Physiology
  • Dynamic Use of Eyes
  • Simplified ‘Non-Verbal Process Control’
  • The Pitfalls of ‘Blanket Listening’
  • Seeking, Managing and Breaking Connection
  • ‘Attractiveness’ and Head Angle

FNVI - Part 2

  • Situational High Status
  • The Non-Verbals of Status
  • Intelligent Gesture
  • The Satir Categories – overview with focus on distractor
  • Comfortable Silence Vs. Uncomfortable Silence
  • Silent Script
  • Rapport and Status
  • Influence versus Control
  • Smooth Engagement
  • Nonreactivity
  • Dynamic Eye ‘Contact’
  • Gender Differences
  • The Leading Handshake
  • The Splay and Asymmetry
  • Attitude versus Social Position
  • Tonality and Size
  • The role of awareness in changing your patterns
  • Structure, Physiology and State
  • Status and Hormone Profiles
  • The Pennebaker/Pucelik Connection
  • Strong versus Weak Rapport
  • Wrapping Deference into Status
  • Rehearsing your Defaults

FNVI - Part 4

  • Non-verbal Underpinning for Language Patterning
  • Dynamic of Touch
  • Awareness - Differing Responses to Touch and Connection
  • Touch as a Pattern Interrupt
  • Handshake Dynamics
  • Intimacy Zones
  • Fluidity and Status
  • Managing Attention - Communication as a Process
  • Use of Vocal Qualities
  • Eschewing 'Trance Tonality'
  • 'Shatnering'
  • Emotional Triggering
  • Stifling and Unstifling
  • Analogue Marking
  • Spatial Organisation
  • Naturalistic (Non-Arbitrary) Anchoring
  • Full Body Communication
  • Live Communication & Attention to Feedback
  • Eye Acessing Versus Spatial Referencing
  • Contexts for Development

This set is essential study for all those looking to
master the art of 'Non-Verbal Influence'!

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Gavin Soccorso

“James… thanks again for your wonderful material.

All of your material is top notch and has made some things work much better for me in my shows.

Keep it coming!”

Gavin Soccorso Hypnotist and Mentalist, New York

Production Note:

This programme was filmed at a live workshop in January 2013. Due to a technical difficulty in filming, a portion of the audio in Part 1 is from a different recorded source than for the rest of the programme. This means that the sound changes a little - it is a little more 'reverberated' but still very clear.

The Fundamentals of Non-Verbal Influence - Q&A

If you have any questions about the The Fundamentals of Non-Verbal Influence… just ask below!


  • John

    April 14, 2014

    What’s the running time of this programme?

    • James Tripp

      April 14, 2014

      Hi John

      Just pulled out my calculator… it comes in at 5 hours 33 minutes in total.

      All the very best


  • John Cesta

    April 14, 2014

    I like the program. I was wondering of the length. What is the total length of time of the videos? And are they individual videos.

    Thanks and looking forward to your reply.

    John Cesta

    • James Tripp

      April 14, 2014

      Hi John

      Just pulled out my calculator… it comes in at 5 hours 33 minutes in total. And, yes – 4 individual videos.

      All the very best


  • Adis

    April 14, 2014

    Hi James,

    FNVI looks awesome, I have one question thats kind of important to me, so if youd be so kind (which you obviously are :),
    I do most of my hypnosis outside, street context, and I do know its not mainly geared towards street-hypnosis, but indulge me
    does knowing and actually apllying these skills help a hypnotist “seduce” their subject in to their reality even faster?
    By seduce I mean suck them in, which I think is a terrible metaphor, but hopefully my meaning is clear enough.

    Thank you for everything James.


    • James Tripp

      April 15, 2014

      Hi Adis

      If anything FNVI is far more suited to everyday and ‘street’ contexts than it is the therapy room (becasue much of this material comes directly from my study and learnings from and around practising street hypnosis and mentalism). The aim is to upgrade your influentiality whatever you’re doing, so YES it will help you to better ‘seduce’ 🙂 (providing you apply the ideas and practise the skills).

      All the very best


  • Declan Cooley

    April 14, 2014

    Hello James,

    I really enjoy your Youtube channel and admire your style. Could you mention what format (pdf etc) the programme comes in ? Now a boring question: my bank here in Poland for some reason does not allow me to connect my card to a Paypal account – is there another method of payment ?

    Thanking you in advance
    All the best
    Declan Cooley

    • James Tripp

      April 15, 2014

      Hi Declan

      It comes in video format 5.5 hours of material across 4 videos. Regarding an alternative means of payment, please contact Lexi on Lexi@hypnosiswithouttrance.com.

      All the very best


  • Brent

    April 14, 2014

    Hi James,

    Great timing, I was just about to purchase one of the combo packages. I’m leaning towards the full package of course, but I was wondering if you have considered updating the full package to include this new course?

    • James Tripp

      April 15, 2014

      Hi Brent

      There will be a full combo available from next week (when the launch discount has passed). However, buying the full current full package plus FNVI at this weeks discount, will equal a bigger saving than the combo that will be available from next week (if that makes sense).

      Hope that helps!



  • etienne

    April 15, 2014

    hi, et seems intetesting !
    Does a transcript provides with ?

    cause i’m french ans m’y english ils ont perfect !

    show many time the course will stay availaible. ?

    • James Tripp

      April 15, 2014

      Hi Etienne

      Alas, no transcript is included at the moment.



      P.S the course is available at this price until midnight (UK time) this coming Friday (18th April 2014). After that, it will be available for £87.

      • Randall

        April 16, 2014

        Hi, I just paid for the program but how do I get access to the program after paying? Is there a members area or are the details sent in an email?

        • James Tripp

          April 17, 2014

          Hi Randall

          Did you follow the links to either set-up or upgrade your account in the confirmation email?

          If not, you will either need to do that OR set up an account anyway and PM me the details and I’ll add FNVI to it by hand. (emal james (at) hypnosiswithouttrance.com).

          All the very best


  • Harold Sconiers

    October 3, 2016

    Hey James. I don’t know if you still respond to this thread, but I have a question. First of all, I love your stuff; have been studying you for a long time. I recently bought two of your home study programs in an attempt to help me out with a new project. I plan to put on a local stage hypnosis show, but not the cheesy “Cluck like a chicken” type deal.

    I want to do a Mind Magic show utilizing only genuine hypnotic phenomena, that blows people away and empowers them at the same time. I really need some help I think with creating the structure and format, as I’ve never actually done any stage work before. Until now, I’ve coached several people online with Hypnosis and NLP, but I want this new stage show to be really awesome.

    So my question-to start- is what do you think of my idea? And, secondly, could I secure your help through, perhaps, a consultation package? I wasn’t sure of which of your offers to apply for and purchase. Is this something that you would be willing to work with me on? Again, thank you so much for producing the body of work that you have so far. I’ve been studying all kinds of different Change-Work modalities for the last 12 years, looking for a philosophy and method that was about efficiently getting solid results and found that with your programs.

    I look forward, hopefully, to your response.


    • James Tripp

      October 19, 2016

      Hi Harold

      Yes, ‘mind magic’ shows can be fun indeed and I have done a few myself back in the day (although I was more of a close-up performer).

      I would be happy to consult for you on this, and there are many ways that could work. If you email me privately James at hypnosiswithouttrance.com) with what it is you’d like to get from such a consultation, I can let you know how I can help you.

      All the very best,


  • Robert Welcenbach

    November 17, 2016

    I bought this program a while ago but can’t figure out how to access it now. It doesn’t show up in the members area menu.