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"Awesome seminar on Smoking Cessation!  I got more value
in one day than most courses teach in an entire week!"
Steve Kirton - Author of Ancient Secrets of the Mind

Smoking Cessation Mindshifts!

A deep exploration of Smoking Cessation Intervention for Hypnotists and NLPers

Over 4.5 hours of audio material exploring my approach to
Smoking Cessation with Hypnosis, NLP and Beyond...

Created and Presented by James Tripp


Smoking Cessation Mindshifts

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Smoking Cessation Mindshifts...

So... you want to be able to run GREAT stop smoking sessions with Hypnosis and/or NLP... AND get great results?


Hi there, James Tripp here - welcome to the information page for this unique audio programme!

First off - I'm not going to write a lot of 'sales copy' about this material because it doesn't need it. If you are developing yourself as a hypnotist and/or NLPer, you probably already know how much practitioners command in fees for smoking cessation work. My fee is £250 and there are plenty who charge a LOT more than I do.

Being aware of this, you might have already decided that smoking cessation is something that is well be worth you getting good at... and you can!


Early in 2015 I invited a small group of interested practitioners to my then offices in Letchworth Garden City to partake in an exploration of my approach to running smoking cessation interventions. We spent the day getting deep into the key understandings, strategy, tactics and psychological subtleties of how I personally approach smoking cessation work within a hypnotherapy/NLP frame.

Awesome seminar on Smoking Cessation!  I was on the train home feeling as though I'd got more value in one day than most courses teach in an entire week!  Your work is definitely a cut above the majority of trainers in the field.  Can't wait to see what other courses you've got lined up for the year.

Steve Kirton, Author of 'Ancient Secrets of the Mind'

As it was a small group event only, many people asked me if I would record it for wider release, so at the last minute I decided that I would. And it has taken me nearly a year to tidy up the recording and get it ready for release! 🙂

This result is Smoking Cessation Mindshifts - a 5 hour and 43 minute audio programme on conducting effective smoking cessation interventions for those with some skill and grounding in NLP and Hypnosis (your specific background is not important here, so long as you have some skills and tools).

Through this audio exploration I am sharing with you the most effective understandings and approaches that I have utilised and developed across 7 years of working with smokers who are choosing to quit. I am not only sharing with you what I have found to work (and why), but also what I have found to be less useful too (some of which is exactly the kind of thing that some practitioners encourage).

Specific Content

There is a lot of material covered in this programme! The above video is good to get the overall gist and philosophy, but if you like specific details...

Part 1

  • Blending Tools and Toolkits
  • Success Rate Vs. Satisfaction Rate
  • Readiness to Stop
  • What you can promise the client?
  • Unshakable Truths
  • Building Methods You Never Use
  • Take the Business Side Seriously
  • Do Your Own Inner Work
  • Fees
  • Emphasis on Choice and Personal Power
  • Influences and Sources
  • Smoking Becomes Embedded Into Lives
  • Recommending Resources to Clients
  • How I Escaped the Smoking Trap
  • The Power of Psychoeduation
  • 4 Pillars - Understanding, Attitude, Decision, Tools and Resourcing
  • The Smoking Trap
  • Seeing the Trap Creates Choice
  • Smoking is the Best Choice Based in Deep Misunderstandings
  • The Decision and Inner Commitment
  • Ambivalence Simple
  • Assessment Questions
  • What does the smoker consider it to be doing for him/her?
  • Self Delusion, Understanding and Misunderstanding
  • Listening to be Impacted - the 'place of maybe (conversational induction)
  • Highly Coachable People
  • The Key Attitude
  • Rebalancing Sensations

Part 3

  • People Make the Best Choices Given Their Understanding
  • No Shift, No Change
  • Understanding Underpins State
  • Undermining the Motivation to Smoke
  • Three Powerful Questions - Getting Clear ‘nos’
  • Owning Addiction
  • Flipping the Script
  • Smokers Logic and Self Deception
  • The Two Aspects of the Smoking Trap - Biological and Psychological
  • The Big Monster and the Little Monster
  • Addiction is a Bio-Psycho-Social Phenomenon
  • The Mechanics of the Biological Side
  • Addiction and Fulfilment
  • Dopamine Resistance
  • Overcoming the Natural Response to Poison
  • It Takes Will and Commitment to Become a Smoker
  • An Aside on Porn Addiction
  • Synapses and Neurotransmitters
  • Nicotinic Receptors and Acetylcholine
  • ‘Neuro System’ vs ‘Nervous System’
  • Disequilibrium and Rebalancing
  • Understanding Rebalancing Sensation
  • The Wanting of an Alien Entity
  • Thinking Shapes Experience
  • Proactivity in Transition
  • Inverting Beliefs
  • Smoking is a Stressor Not a Calmer
  • Tight Shoes Metaphor
  • The Concentration Myth
  • The Danger of Cutting Down
  • Disabusing the ‘Enjoyment’ Myth
  • The Myth of ‘Just One Cigarette’
  • Smoking is a Chain Reaction
  • You Cannot Reach True Wellbeing as a Smoker
  • There is NOTHING to Give Up
  • Pity the Smoker
  • Substitues - Don't Feed the Beast
  • Why Nicotine Patches Are Never 'Satisfying' to the Smoker
  • The Myth of The Right Time
  • Deeper Issues

Part 2

  • Three Fundamental Principles (NOT 3P!)
  • Deeper Into The Trap
  • Decision Quality and Key Attitude
  • Clarity on Your Role
  • Decision Is Based In Understanding
  • Mindshift vs Intellectual Comprehension
  • The 'Hypnotic' Mode of Psychoeducation
  • Serving the Client Vs. Serving the Ego
  • Character Vs. Personality
  • The Client Retains Ownership
  • Managing First Contact with the Client
  • Taking Charge of the Dynamic
  • Knowing What You Want to Know
  • Avoid Outcome Attachment
  • Don't Sell... Serve!
  • Grounding In Your Truth
  • Price Shopper Mentality
  • Assessing Readiness and Motivation
  • The Cycle of Change
  • The SHORT Path Out of the Trap
  • Adapt the Interventions to Match the CoC Phase
  • The 24 Hours Trick
  • Seeding the Learning Frame
  • ANYONE Can Escape the Trap
  • The Question of Scripts
  • Deep Trance
  • Don't Artificially Amp Motivation
  • The Power of Slowing Down
  • Hypnotic Phenomena are Transient
  • Exploring versus Pushing

Part 4

  • The Decision Revisited
  • The “I’m Done With That” Installation
  • The “Something In Your Past” Suggestion
  • Embodying the I that Chooses
  • Cultural Hypnosis
  • Changing Patterns vs Transcending Patterns
  • 'Quality of Consciousness' Does Not Mean ‘Being On Guard’
  • Inner Stance - Where Are You Coming from?
  • The Language of Ownership
  • Choice Versus Constraint
  • Let the Client Feel the Languaging
  • Variations between sessions Working on Skype Learning through receiving
  • Embedding the Desired Internal Dialogue
  • A Yes Set
  • "Don't Mope"
  • Use of ‘Don’t’ Refined
  • Ideas Being Seeded Vs. Commands Being Given
  • Tapping Into Fundamental Human Values
  • Multilevel Communication and Pantamiming
  • Use of Anchors
  • Don’t Let the Tool Take the Power From the Client
  • Giving Tools the Scope to be Less Than Perfect
  • The Programming Metaphor Puts Clients ‘At Effect’
  • First Phone Call - Beginning to End Run Through
  • The Three Session Format
  • Coaching From Understandings vs Teaching Understandings
  • On the Path vs Drifting
  • Miscellaneous Tools
  • Trigger Specific Work
  • Mental Challenge Preparation
  • Dilts Levels in Mental Preparation
  • A Breathing Visualisation
  • Working Directly With Rebalancing Sensations
  • Unconscious Buy-In
  • Trancework
  • High Mood Therapy Vs. Low Mood Therapy
  • Shifting from the Personal to the General
  • SMS Text Work and 'Thought Bombs'
  • Variations Between Sessions
  • Working on Skype


If you purchase this, you *should* be able to set up an account/add to your current account on purchase, and download immediately. Should there be a glitch (there is from time to time) please contact lexi@hypnosiswithouttrance and we will sort out your delivery manually as soon as we are able to.

Q: Will I be learning scripts?

A: No, you will not be learning scripts or specific techniques. The programme is all about principles and deep understanding. When you understand, you don't need scripts.

Q: Will I be able to use the material covered straight way?

A: You will be able to use what you learn straight away, providing you have the skills to run hypnosis and NLP processes. The big part of smoking cessation work lies in understanding and attitude more than techniques.

Q: Is there a manual or transcript?

A: At the moment, this is an exclusively audio only programme.

Q: Are you a smoking cessation specialist?

A: No. I work with behavioral change across the board so smoking cessation work (and other addictions work) is just part of what I do.

Q: What is your success rate?

A: I have a high success rate (it's been a while since I worked with someone who failed to quit) BUT, to be clear traditionally I speak to everyone I work with before I work with them, and if they are not 100% committed to quitting smoking I don't usually work with them. This is explored fully in the programme, along with a recent change id strategy and direction. What the client brings is important, as is your ability to assess that. If you are looking for a method that has a high success rate with uncommitted people - good luck!

If you have any questions that have not been answered here, please do make use of the comments section below to ask!



Smoking Cessation Mindshifts

Instant Access Download...


>>> For full information on HWT website and purchasing terms and conditions, please CLICK HERE! <<<

OK – that’s really all there needs to be said! Watch the video, look over the content, reflect on whether you want to develop your smoking cessation game and make your choice!

And if you do have any questions, please do make good use of the Q&A section below. 🙂

All the very best,

James Tripp

Smoking Cessation Mindshifts - Q&A

If you have any questions about this seminar, just ask below!


  • Niyazi Mahmout

    November 28, 2014

    Hi James
    Hope you’re keeping well. Its been a while since i looked at Hypnosis and NLP, due to other commitments, but a few months ago i gave a friend of a friend an ad-hoc stop smoking session, where i explained to him that smoking is a habit rather than an addiction, and that with ‘hypnosis’ the various triggers and associations would be removed. The actual hypnosis session that followed included suggestions on cutting the smoking trigger strings such as being with friends, after eating, being in a car, stressful situations etc. I was seriously just making these up as i went along ( I think being a smoker myself helped in knowing what to say) . I then reinforced everything.
    Afterwards, he thanked me but said he didn’t think it worked, but the strange thing is he has not smoked since then due to his own ‘will power’. If it was will power, great, but i have a suspicion that maybe the session i gave did help.
    Obviously, a properly structured session and one where he was more convinced that the hypnosis worked would have been much better, which is why i’m pleased you’re running this course and hope you can run more specific issue courses, especially a course on pain management which is an area i have been interested in for a long while. Sorry if this is slightly off-topic.

    Getting back to the course you’re now running, i was wondering if there will be an live example of a smoking cessation session. If so, as someone who has trained with you before and is familiar with your methods and style and has smoked since a young age and wants to quit, i would be a very willing volunteer.

    Thanks for all the insight you’ve given me over the years.


    • James Tripp

      November 28, 2014

      Hi Niy

      I hope you are well!

      Regarding demoing with you – that is a possibility, but if you genuinely wish to quit, there is a good chance you will anyway from simply attending the workshop 🙂

      The way I do smoking cessation is not based on a recipe or particular process, it is based on principles and understandings. (some clients I do a lot of overt hypnosis with and some it goes more conversationally (depending on what comes up as a client). A big part of the work is done before the session (during the intake phase). As such, during this seminar, I will not be teaching any specific techniques or scripts – my aim is to communicate a deep understanding that people can adapt to suit there own toolkit (this is why I have called this a ‘seminar’ rather than a ‘workshop’).

      Hope that helps



  • Sean Patrick Durham

    May 17, 2015

    hi James,
    thanks for all the great teaching videos and advice on hypnotism. As far as smoking cessation goes, I agree totally with what you say.
    I recently quit smoking after 35 years of puffing away. the older I became the more it didn’t seem to matter. I turned to roll ups and jokingly called them low-fat smokes – they don’t contain half the chemicals that tailor mades do.

    One day I began to consider why I smoked and after putting a lot of Freudian and modern psychology together, I came to the conclusion that we smoke to fill a gap or a hole in our own existence, Freud called it the Death Principle. It’s as if something went missing after birth and we must find it again. Advertising plays on this “lack of something” that we perceive and that we feel needs to be filled to make us whole again, so we tend to grab at anything that might just be the answer; “a Harley Davidson could just be the answer to my sadness. It offers Freedom, wildness and power etc.” some people think smoking does it and then they believe in all the points you covered about how smoking helps concentration and relaxes and so forth. It doesn’t, but we love to hang on to our beliefs.

    It was just the realisation that I’m being duped and made a fool of that caused me to feel strongly about my choice. So I asked myself; if I stop smoking what will happen /what won’t happen etc – will I fall over dead because something important and integral has been removed? I quit on the spot. Each moment, hour and day that passed affirmed for me that I had lost nothing but gained an awful lot by quitting.

    Your ideas hit a deep point with me, it’s important to understand and internalise principles in order to use them properly. This is the reason why there are different ways of approaching the same problem as a hypnotist or change worker and achieving good results that come from understanding and not from a script or set of ideas that are applied.

    Thanks again for all the great ideas to work on and practice,

    Sean, Madrid

    • James Tripp

      May 21, 2015

      Thanks Sean.

      I like to think that dramatic lifechange is only ever one perspective shift away… the key is finding the shift that does the job! So, kudos to you for finding the shift that held your key to freedom.

      All the very best,


  • Richard Ingate

    December 18, 2015

    I bought this but still can’t download. I have emailed Lexi but no reply. Not good James. Just refund and I’m done unsubscribe me from your list.

    • James Tripp

      December 18, 2015

      Hi Richard

      Sorry you have had problems. If you look at the notes on the page is says…

      “If you purchase this, you *should* be able to set up an account/add to your current account on purchase, and download immediately. Should there be a glitch (there is from time to time) please contact lexi@hypnosiswithouttrance and we will sort out your delivery manually as soon as we are able to.”

      We are in Australia, so due to the timezone difference your day is our night. Lexi has already sorted this out for you as soon as she awoke and saw your email this morning, before breakfast and before we saw this comment. You should have full access now.

      If you would still like the refund and unsubscription, obviously we will be happy to make that so.

      All the very best,


  • Richard Ingate

    December 19, 2015

    Hi James and Lexi,

    I posted my annoyance publicly so I will do the same with my apology. I got impatient and hit send, Mea culpa. Apologies to you both.

    Best wishes,


    • James Tripp

      December 19, 2015

      Hey Richard

      No worries. I’m glad we have it all sorted out! 🙂

      All the very best,