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"Many instances of gold… a master class!"
Peter Wright  - Hypnotist and Sports Performance Coach

Hypnotherapy Heresy

Making Hypnotherapy Easy!

Over 10 hours of exclusive video - Everything you REALLY need to structure a
Hypnotic Changework session from end to end!

  • End-to-end 'Heresy' Process Map
  • Elegant and Powerful Framing
  • Simple and Impactful Core Processes
  • Key Skills and Tools Unpacked
  • Psychological Subtleties to Stack the Odds
  • Business Considerations and Pragmatics

Recorded Live in June 2014 - Presented and Facilitated by James Tripp

...Hypnotherapy Heresy - Making Hypnotherapy Easy!


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Hypnotherapy Heresy - Powerful Hypnotherapy Made Easy!

Hi, James Tripp here - welcome to this information page for Hypnotherapy Heresy - Hypnotherapy Made Easy!

Early in 2014 I set out to solve a problem that had become apparent existed amongst many of my Hypnosis Without Trance customers and students - people were learning hypnosis successfully and developing skills and understandings, but were keen to step across the threshold from simple basic phenomena and ‘induction’ to setting up in practice as a Hypnotherapists. (HWT Changework Applications being a programme aimed at those who are already seeing clients and looking to expand their repertoire.)

So people would write to me asking variously whether I was planning to run a certified hypnotherapy training or, if not, whether I could recommend a good course for them to train on.

The trouble was, it was very hard for me to make a solid recommendation, because I didn’t know of such a course. Indeed, many of the new Hypnotherapists I found myself mentoring seemed to have been done something of a disservice by the long ‘in depth’ hypnotherapy trainings they had attended:

They had been given too many tools and techniques, too little time drilling core skills and little by way of criteria for making decisions about what to use and when.

The result of this seemed to be overwhelm and confusion (oftentimes the very reason for coming to me for mentoring in the first place).

In thinking about what might best serve the people asking the question, what kept coming back to mind was Andrew T Austin’s IEMT Practitioner training (I have attended this excellent training several times, and thoroughly recommend Andy as a trainer). Andy’s IEMT training is a model of elegance, pragmatism and simplicity. Across one weekend he teaches people the fundamentals of IEMT (a simple and powerful change work technique) along with the essentials of running an effective client session from beginning to end. After the training, people can get going seeing clients - no confusion. No overwhelm.

By keeping it simple they are in a position to start seeing clients and getting the real world experience they need right away.

Of, course, no single technique is ever going to come close to being the be-all-and-end-all of change work, but that is not the point. Once you are working with something simple you get to...

Get really good with it and reach the limits of it quickly… THEN add the next concept, technique or tool to your toolkit.

You get to learn and build real client skills the only way that ever really counts anyway - with real clients in the real world (I would advocate getting mentoring/supervision too if you really want to get flying, but that is a different story.)

So, it occurred to me that it might be useful to create something just like that for Hypnotherapy. Something that would…

Simplify, strip back and focus on the details that make a difference when it comes to simple but effective hypnotic change work.

Now I mention Andy’s IEMT training here only to illustrate where the seed of the Hypnotherapy Heresy concept came from - obviously Andy and I are going to have different approaches and views on what is important and whats not when it comes to client work, and Hypnotherapy Heresy is very much the ‘Tripp Take’ on things. Also, I decided to expand out in scope a little and include…

Key aspects around business, professionalism and establishing client relationships.

 ↓↓↓↓↓ New Possibilities Simulator - Demonstration ↓↓↓↓↓

The Objective

The objective of this programme is simple…

Make effective hypnotherapy easy!

Easy for you to begin working with people and making a difference. Easy to focus on honing a set of core skills and ideas and building a solid platform to develop yourself further as a unique ‘transformative artist’.

As mentioned above we cover…

  • End-to-end 'Heresy' Process Map
  • Elegant and Powerful Framing
  • Simple and Impactful Core Processes
  • Key Skills and Tools Unpacked
  • Psychological Subtleties to Stack the Odds
  • Business Considerations and Pragmatics

With Hypnotherapy Heresy you will be give just enough in terms of tools and techniques to begin seeing clients (assuming you already have basic hypnosis skills - if not, please study The Hypnosis Mastery Programme and Rapid Induction Rituals and PRACTISE the material covered within), along with a goldmine of attitude adjustments, psychological subtleties, distinctions and frames to give you a head start in professionally managing clients and client sessions. Let me repeat that:

  1. Just enough in terms of tools and techniques.
  2. A goldmine of attitude adjustments, psychological subtleties, distinctions and frames to give you a head start in professionally managing clients and client sessions.

Hypnotherapy Heresy is essentially about equipping you with everything you need to cross the threshold from hypnosis to hypnotic change work and to hit the ground running seeing clients.

Programme Content

The content of Hypnotherapy Heresy is pretty extensive - not in terms of tools and techniques (right there we keep it minimal), but in terms of hints, tips, techniques and discussions to deepen your understanding of change and effective change work.

For clarity, the whole process is mapped, from advertising and connecting, to the initial conversation/phone call, through to the sessions and completing with effective follow-up.

The focus of he focus is 100% on pragmatics - what works. What makes a difference. We keep theoretical underpinnings to a minimum, offering enough to give you a grounding in why Hypnotherapy REALLY OFFERS VALUE to people looking to live better, happier lives.

In total there is over 10 hours of rich material across 8 videos (with audio copies available too, so you can iPod it should you wish too). The following gives an overview, but cannot list the content in its full richness due to all the asides that come from the discussion in the room.

Part 1 - 1 hour 39 minutes

  • Starting Simple – Removing Reasons for Non-Action and Barriers to Action
  • Upgrading to Creation and Choice
  • Create Your Hypnotherapy Practice NOW… and get paid!
  • Congruence and Integrity
  • Acute Issues versus Chronic Issues
  • Bias Towards Empowerment and Self-Efficacy
  • Where to Take Responsibility… And Where Not
  • Avoiding Traps – digital absolutism, question traps, being recruited by the problem
  • The Issue Behind the Issue
  • Hypnotherapy and it’s Purpose
  • A Discussion of Fragmentation and ‘Parts’
  • Multi-Level Communication (Jung’s Model)
  • Simple Things Can Be Powerful – Transformative Didgeridoo!
  • 4 Key Mechanisms by which Hypnotherapy Works

Part 3 - 1 hour 37 minutes

  • The Small Game and the Big Game
  • Alpha shifting – ‘Mind Massage’
  • Simple Induction – Demo & Breakdown
  • Timeline Chassis – Demo & Breakdown
  • Early Learning Set – Demo & Breakdown
  • Peripheral Vision and Alpha States
  • Hand-to-face Induction
  • Elegant Hypnotic Eye Closure – Languaging Analysis
  • Coaching the client to respond
  • Touch – leadership and non-verbal permission
  • The Game of Responses
  • Align with your biases and craft your own style
  • Tips on developing languaging
  • Inner frame – ‘bringing the water’
  • Thoughts on caution with regression

Part 5 - 1 hour 46 minutes

  • Framing the Session – framing both sides (client and practitioner)
  • Pre-Conversation – Hypnosis, The Mind and Change
  • Transcending the Reprogramming Frame – People Are Not Machines
  • Living in Description versus Living in Creation
  • Zones – Comfort, Stretch and Panic
  • Notes on Smoking Cessation
  • Milton Erickson and Creating Transformative Experiences
  • Using the Pendulum to Create a Useful Experience
  • Congruence and Incongruence between Conscious Choice and Deep Mindflow
  • The Drama of the Story
  • Checking the Energy of the Language
  • Pendulum into Finger Stick
  • No-Fail Manoeuvre for the Pendulum

Part 7 - 1 hour 11 minutes

  • Creating Client Relationships
  • Local Advertising
  • Creating Experiences to Create Buzz
  • Websites and Videos that Serve
  • Transcending ‘Selling’
  • Managing the Initial Conversation
  • Role Projection
  • Being Professional
  • Agreements vs Expectations
  • The Sandcastle Problem
  • Speaking Your Truth
  • Serving Versus Pleasing
  • Creating Your Professional Self
  • Managing time in sessions.
  • No Win No Fee – Discucssion
  • Working to Learn versus Working to Earn
  • Creating the business you want

Part 2 - 50 minutes

  • The Process Map
  • Number of Sessions
  • ‘Banking’ Sessions
  • A Question of Fees – “how much should I charge?”
  • ‘Price Shopper’ Psychology
  • Do One Thing Well
  • The Importance of Follow-up and Ongoing Relationships
  • Specialism and Generalism
  • Why Hypnotherapy is Easy!
  • Facilitating Changes in Understanding, Sense and Perspective
  • Understanding Mindflow, Mindshifts and Psychoeducation
  • Your Unique Individual Qualities
  • Interrupting Mindflow

Part 4 - 43 minutes

  • Giving Useful Feedback
  • How we conceptualise and spatially organise time
  • Managing ‘Meta Analysis’ as a client response
  • Managing ‘trance’ that doesn’t include the hypnotherapist
  • Abreactions
  • “And notice that” – a simple attention shifting pattern
  • Can a person really get stuck in hypnosis? How to avoid it!
  • Recognising the Power of Intention
  • Discussion — Metaphors of Hypnosis and their implications
  • Framing Conversational Hypnosis
  • M.I.N.D. — Unique (and fun) Conversational Hypnosis Framing Tool

Part 6 - 1 hour 43 minutes

  • Other Choices — Magnetic Hands and Dictionary/Baloons
  • Transcending Script
  • Eye Movement Work — Impromptu Demonstration
  • Ideodynamic Lever — Impromptu Demonstration
  • New Possibilities Simulator — Demonstration and Full Breakdown
  • Places in the Mind — Demonstration and simple explanation
  • Interviewing out resource details — demo and explanation
  • Walking the Change
  • Hypnotic Debriefing — Demo and Explaination
  • Discussion — Ecology and Ecology Checks
  • Focus on Difference Orientation

Part 8 - 52 minutes

  • Using and setting pre-session work - simple, useful tasks
  • Unpacking Intake Forms - questions and rationales
  • Client Attitude - evaluating ownership
  • Building Commitment - avoiding no-shows
  • Understanding and managing "how long will It take?" frame
  • Following-up and evaluation of client satisfaction
  • Getting Away from Getting and Getting Through
  • Setting Fees - continued discussion
  • Bits of business and back pocket tools
  • The 'Coin Toss' Teaching Piece
  • Discussion on making CD's/audio recordings as a resource for clients
  • Start simple and add new things as you go
  • Close!

 ↓↓↓↓↓ The Pendulum as a Psychoeducational Tool ↓↓↓↓↓

So are you ready to cross that threshold and start helping people with Transformative Hypnosis?



...Hypnotherapy Heresy - Making Hypnotherapy Easy!

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Why is it called Hypnotherapy Heresy?

First off is the reason I have already given above: the classical view is if you want to learn hypnotherapy you need this deep, in-depth course. So heretical in saying:

“No you don’t need need a deep in-depth course, you need just enough really highly focused material to set you off so you hit the ground running and you're able to start doing some reasonably effective work with people straight off the bat… and THEN you are in a real position to start refining your skills."

Secondly, ‘heresy’ because we will be throwing out a lot of ‘dogma’ about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Indeed, the last time I ran a hypnosis workshop I had somebody run out in tears saying “you don't even believe in hypnosis”. Now this isn’t true, but if you are already familiar with the HWT approach, you will know that I am happy to take a functional rather than ‘mythical’ view if this craft. 🙂

The models and conceptual underpinnings presented via this programme are about getting ‘under the hood’ of hypnotherapy so that we can really understand the value in the work we do…

Getting into the mechanics of it so you can really understand what you're doing in a way that enables you to psychologically stack the deck in your favour!

Hypnotherapy Heresy - Q&A

If you have any questions about the Hypnotherapy Heresy, just ask below!


  • Karl Gehrke

    November 11, 2014

    Will there be any written material such as manuals to accompany the videos?

    • James Tripp

      November 12, 2014

      Hi Karl

      No written materials – the material is video and audio only.



  • Blaine Pratt

    November 13, 2014

    Yet another great product from James! I have spent the better part of two days with this material and what strikes me over and over is the practicality of James’ approach. Accomplishing complex things with seeming effortless simplicity is the very definition of ‘Elegance’. That is exactly what I found in this material. I have yet to be disappointed in any of his material and James makes it ridiculously affordable! Well done, sir!

    • James Tripp

      November 13, 2014

      Blaine – thank you! I am glad you are getting a lot from Hypnotherapy Heresy already and also the other HWT materials. And I really appreciate you taking the time to share that.

      Many thanks and all the very best,


  • Jens Koenig

    November 14, 2014

    Hi James,
    thanks for this fantastic training, I have not runned trough the complete set of videos, but what I have seen up to now is really very structured and helpful.
    I have one small question, wouldn’t it a good idea just to add there the index and the overview drawing which you can find in the detaile description of this module as a pdf?
    How do you think about it?

    Many Thanks for your trainings and greetings from the sunny south of germany

    • James Tripp

      November 15, 2014

      Hi Jens

      I’ll get a PDF added in.



  • Antho Higgins

    November 17, 2014

    Hi James,

    I bought this on Friday but can’t seem to get access. I sent an email on Friday but have had no response.

    Please advise.



  • Simon Tebbenham

    November 30, 2014

    No Black Friday weekend 50% offers on this James? 🙂

    • James Tripp

      November 30, 2014

      Sales are not my style Simon :). Other than launch offers, I have only ever had one sale, and that was the old stock left over from when I still sold hard copies.



  • Eamonn Cullen

    November 30, 2014

    Hi James,

    Ditto Antho above.

    Purchased on the 13th Nov.

    Have no response.


  • James Tripp

    November 30, 2014

    Hi Eamonn

    Sorry you are having trouble accessing – I have checked and we have received no email about this, so I am not sure what has happened.

    Checking your account, the programme is on there so providing you are logged in you should be able to download right here:


    If that is not working for you, please let me know what is happening?



  • fabio marchi

    January 12, 2015

    From the course we got the videos to download there’s also pdf?

    • James Tripp

      January 13, 2015

      Hi Fabio.

      No, there is no PDF. It is a video only programme.



  • Gary Maguire

    April 23, 2015

    Nice example of chevreul’s pendulum with the added finger lock.

  • fabio marchi

    January 6, 2016

    Is a downloadable course?

    • James Tripp

      January 6, 2016

      Hi Fabio.

      Yes All programmes are fully downloadable!