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Hypnosis Beyond the Trance Myth

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The ideas in this report are personal to me and are the result of much field research, so I really would appreciate any feedback that you have to offer!


Please do keep your eyes open for video updates on the blog and in the private members area, as I teach many of the HWT principles (and much more beyond) by video tutorial in these places.  There is a lot of stuff on the blog, and I strongly recommend that you start from the beginning (the bottom of the earliest page). As you are signed up, you will receive notification of new material as and when I post it.

The members area is a much better way to navigate the material however, and has much that is not available on the blog (including written articles and audio downloads)! Also, please feel free to make use of comments sections to ask questions.

I hope that you enjoy learning Hypnosis Without Trance!

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James Tripp
Hypnosis Without Trance

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HWT Hypnosis Mastery Programme

Since its initial release in 2010, the Hypnosis Without Trance, Hypnosis Mastery Programme has become established as one of the top resources of choice for hypnotists and students of hypnosis around the globe...

Steve Portelli

“I received the product last Saturday. I think it is the best product that I have ever studied. I have learned more these last 2 days than ever before since I began learning hypnosis…

Really I would have happily paid double to get just half the content.”

Steve Portelli Gozo, Malta
 Michael Skirving DNLP, DHyp, LAPHP

“This material has taught me more about Hypnosis than my previous 20 years in Psychology and 4 years as a practicing Hypnotherapist.

Hypnotherapists are sometimes very scathing of this stuff,  perhaps scared at what they might accomplish!

This material should be a standard requirement for ANY Hypnotist wanting to bring about real change.  Everything is demonstrated without anything held back and explained in finest detail,  to satisfy all learning styles.

If you don’t learn this stuff you will be left behind!”

Michael Skirving DNLP, DHyp, LAPHP Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist, West Mids
Marcello Seri

“I’m a follower of your blogs so I already knew that there was something behind what you do, but your program has opened my mind and improved my hypnosis style and my success in a really strong way.

So thank you very much for what is a great product!”

Marcello Seri Hypnotist, Mentalist and Mathematician
Jørgen Rasmussen

“If you are looking for a practical no B.S. guide to elicit hypnotic phenomena then do yourself (and your clients) a favour and check out James Tripp’s Hypnosis Without Trance program.

I have worked professionally as an agent of change for twelve years, done thousands of client sessions and read several hundred books on psychology , NLP and hypnosis. Relatively seldom do I get my hands on a product that actually delivers something new , exciting and useful for an ‘old’ pro as myself.

James gave me several useful nuances (including a new way of eliciting amnesia) that I am using in my daily work, and his ideas have inspired me to develop some useful modifications, experiments and techniques of my own.

This is the first product I have ever endorsed or recommended… For the beginner I can’t think of a more useful and comprehensive product for the purpose of learning to elicit hypnotic phenomena. Strongly recommended.”

Jørgen Rasmussen Author of ’Provocative Hypnosis’ (From a Review on NLP Connections)

Hypnosis Mastery Programme

“James, sorry to bother you. I am in middle of audio 4 and I just had to tell how blown away I am.

This is pure genius and your presentation is world-class! Thanks!”

- Josh R, New York, USA

Rapid Induction Rituals

"I like your teaching method more the more I see.

The hand drop is very nice, there are some very specific timing techniques going on and movement 'tricks' which are letting your knowledge depth shine through."

- Jackie Richardson, Hypnotherapist, Coach and NLPer

HWT Changework Applications

“As two highly qualified and experienced Hypnotherapists and NLP Master Practitioners we expected that we may learn one or two ‘nice to know’ techniques.

What we didn’t expect was the quantum shift this programme can create.”

- Alan Cole-Wilkin, DHP, Master Prac NLP, Fellow NLPPA

The Fundamentals of Non-Verbal Influence

“It’s so refreshing for me to hear what I’m NOT hearing in other trainings – and that is the nonverbal.

So many trainings take this for granted or just overlook it. Or simply just plainly don’t know themselves what they’re doing or why!”

- Terry Butler, Hypnotist, New Kensington, USA

The No-Fail Protocol

“I recently got around to buying this… WOW! I am so glad that I did!

It has removed all my fears of failing when doing hypnosis. This is a great product and if you have any doubts, anxiety, or fear of doing hypnosis due to failure – BUY THIS!”

- SNM, Reviewer and Veteren User -

Hypnosis Beyond the Trance Myth - Questions & Feedback

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