Trance Repertoires… Transforming Toxic Trances!

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We live our lives through our trance repertoires – a range of predictable response sets that shape our engagement with the world.

This video is about these trance repertoires, how they are built and how we can change them.

Whether you are a hypnotherapist, change agent, NLP Practitioner or simply interested in personal change, this video will contain valuable information for you.

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About The Author

James Tripp

Hypnotist and Transformative Facilitator. Creator of Hypnosis Without Trance.


  • Michael Mangis

    September 11, 2017

    I am a Clinical psychologist and stroke survivor. I found that after my stoke I was in a near constant state of “derealization” which I attribute to the many changes caused by loss of key neurons that had regulated much of my sensory experience for nearly 50 years. I also think it greatly altered my habitual “trances” to use your terminology.
    I wonder what you think of the relation of trance to dissociation, , dissociation has traditionally been considered kind of like an emotional breaker switch, when reality its too painful we dissociate from it into a trance like state. When I listen to your instruction videos it sometimes sounds like you are saying that we are always in some state of trance, so maybe what has been called dissociation is actually moving from our “normal” trance into a “safe” trance.
    but other times it sounds like you’re saying we may move from trance into our “transcendent” self.

  • raymond Guzy

    December 4, 2017


    I am new to this and am interested in possibly accessing the replay of the self hypnosis and personal alchemy webinars.
    i just purchased your Tetralemma workshop and have gone through it once and will be going through it again. i am really quite impressed with what i’m learning from your videos. i am aware that this teaching has already occurred and i think I read somewhere that access to this content is available to attendees only. is there any way for those of us who are new to your teachings and might benefit from it might gain access to them.

    Thanks, for your consideration
    Raymond Guzy

    • James Tripp

      December 9, 2017

      Hi Raymond

      I will be finding a way to make this available – lot’s of editing time needed!



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