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When looking at hypnotic changework, it is very easy to get pulled into the idea that the various ‘hypnotic proesses’ that we can utilise are where the action is at. In this video I am going to suggest that looking at things this way might take you away from seeing where the real power is.

Throug the video we discuss the idea that the primary job of the clinical hypnotist or hypnotherapist  – before getting into the details of the clients issue – is to invite the client into a trance of possibility and wonder.

I also reference an exquisite paragraph from Michael Yapko’s excellent book Suggestions of Abuse which I have to give a vigourous nod to – highly recommended reading!

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Following the success of the Clean Language for Hypnotists London workshop we have decided to create a live, on-line, fully interactive version of this training for all those for whom geography was an issue (or simply would just prefer the format).

Until the end of Friday 17th – when it will be going up to £500 – there is a substantial discount on booking!

Also, this coming weekend I will be in Berlin teaching Hypnotic Changework. Please contact Nils Volker if you would like to join me there!


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