Igor Ledochowski on ‘Clean Language’ Hypnosis

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In the video below, internationally recognised Hypnosis Trainer Igor Ledochowski talks to Judy Rees about what he values in Clean Language as part of the hypnotic toolkit.

“I personally view Clean Language as a subset of hypnosis.

My idea of hypnosis is a direct communication with someone’s unconscious so that you can then negotiate with the unconscious for a better life. Clean Language fits the bill 100 per cent, because whilst it may look like you’re talking to the other person on a more conscious level, you hit what I call ‘unconscious moments’ – these moments where they suddenly go, ‘what did he just say?’ or ‘what did he just ask?’ and suddenly you see all the classic trance signals occurring… they’re clearly processing stuff inside themselves… you just hit hypnotic gold at that point.

So, Clean Language is a fundamentally hypnotic process. It reaches unconscious territory very very quickly and much more easily with much less guesswork than some of the more classic hypnotic techniques that I have come across.

And again the key thing is ease of use – It’s easy to use. There are a lot of subtleties within it, yet within a couple of hours people can get the grasp of the basics and maybe within a couple of years they can get the subtleties of a lifetime. But this is what we like about any any discipline: it’s easy enough to understand that a 10-year-old can understand it and yet a 100-year-old can still be fascinated with the depth and the layers that are within it.

I think Clean Language really fits that bill. And as part of the category of hypnosis itself I think it’s a beautiful contribution to the field that I think will take it very, very far if people pay attention to it.” – Igor Ledochowski

Watch the video to get the deeper details, and please do feel free to ask your questions and share your perspectives via the comment section below!

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