Rapid Inductions Versus Ericksonian Inductions!

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This video is my reply to the following set of questions from an NLP Practitioner and Hypnotist schooled in what is often called and ‘Ericksonian’ approach to hypnosis and trance (really ‘post Ericksonian’ or ‘Neo-Ericksonian’ might be better labels as no-one quite does what Milton H Erickson was doing).


  • Why would you use a rapid induction vs an Ericksonian induction?
  • What situations would that be more appropriate for?
  • What is it that guides your choice to use a certain method e.g. the person being facilitated? The timeframe you have? The type of intervention you’re going to do? All or none of the above or something else?
  • Are they ultimately two ways of achieving the same end or is there more to it than that?

The video above should address all of the preceding questions, either directly or indirectly! 😉

James Tripp

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