I’m Leaving… So one last fling!

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A quick NEWS video…

I am leaving the UK!

That’s right  – in November I will be leaving the UK to take a year long round the world trip with my family! Which means I will be giving up my office space and training rooms for a life on the road.

This has put a cap on the number of workshops I can run in 2015, and it was looking like another Hypnosis Skills Bootcamp was going to be a casualty of this, BUT…

Due to the many requests I have jigged things so as I can fit one more in! Limited places (just 10) and as I type this 5 have already gone…

The dates are 26th & 27th September 2015 and the place is Letchworth Garden City, UK.

If you want to get on this, RIGHT HERE is where the information is at!

And please do make use of the comments sections below the video to ask questions or share your own observations and perspectives! 🙂

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