Enfolding Opposites – Experimental Hypnosis Hand Stick!

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In the last blog post we discussed how Milton Erickson would work with ‘enfolding opposites’ in his transformative hypnosis work. In this short video I look at applying the same idea to the elicitation of classic hypnotic phenomena, with a focus of a hand stick as an exemplar.

The idea is really just a piece of fun at this stage, but an interesting piece of fun nonetheless… with many potential applications and implications inherent within it.

And please do make use of the comments sections below the video to ask questions or share your own observations and perspectives! 🙂

About The Author

James Tripp

Hypnotist and Transformative Facilitator. Creator of Hypnosis Without Trance.


  • Adam Galvin

    July 15, 2015

    Hi James,

    I’ve taken the plunge and committed. Can you recommend any pre-reading material before the course? Also, is there parking at the facility where the event is held?



    • James Tripp

      July 15, 2015

      Hi Adam

      Great to have you on board. There is no pre-reading to recommend… Though, if there was it might be Quantum Psychology by Robert Anton Wilson.

      Yes, there is parking. We will send out the details soon!

      All the very best,


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