De-hypnotising with The Tetralemma

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If you have been following my blogging and vlogging (both here at HWT and beyond) you’ll know I often speak of how our experience of reality is shaped from the inside out, how we live our lives through a series of hypnotic loops held in place by our worldview that consists in a schema of deep embodied ‘understandings’ (conceptualisations about the world).

We do not live in the world as it is, but as it occurs to us!

This is why in the coaching and developmental hypnosis work I do I always emphasise making changes at this level – working with the embodied semantics and conceptual structures. Essentially, if a person doesn’t shift the embodied understandings that hold a problem in place, they will never shift the problem.

In my work I use a lot of tools, but one that is a little more unusual AND is very effective for working at the level of understanding/worldview is The Tetralemma.

As stated in the video, The Tetralemma is an ancient Indian ‘non-aristotalian’ logical formula that is very powerful for shifting people into a ‘right brain’ (generative trance) space and utilising the capabilities of that space to loosen the semantic underpinnings of a problem state or identity.  It can be used as a map for both a powerful spatial anchoring process OR as the underpinning for conversationally based hypnotic changework.

In this video I give an overview of The Tetralemma, along with how I use it to create powerful tools with hypnosis (perhaps de-hypnosis), conversational hypnosis, NLP and Coaching.

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