Jørgen Rasmussen’s Regression Work – Full Interview!

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In the 18 years that Jørgen Rasmussen (author of Provocative Hypnosis and Provocative Suggestions) has been a professional practitioner of hypnosis, he has been crafting and evolving an approach to hypnotic regression work that draws from and integrates influences from many traditions and backgrounds. This approach (throughout it’s various stages of evolution) has proven to be one of the most reliable means to  effect powerful change with his clients.

Last week I got the opportunity to catch up with Jørgen on Skype and record and interview where he unpacks his approach and discusses how it evolved, how he uses it and also gets into some detail on the philosophy and influences behind it.


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P.S. Keep your eyes open for the follow up interview with a client of Jørgen's who has experienced major life changes as a result of undertaking regression work with Jørgen.

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