Hypnotic Coma and the Metaphors of Hypnosis

Hypnosis – according to HWT theory – is all about the artful and strategic use of language and communication to influence people’s perception of reality. This is worth bearing in mind – what you communicate and where you communicate from conceptually makes a difference!

Over the years I have been studying and practising hypnosis, I have heard tell of people becoming ‘stuck in hypnosis’ (‘hypnotic coma’) and having all manner of other weird and unwanted effects. I have even witnessed such things on one or two occasions when hanging out with ‘street hypnotists’ and one time in a demo by a well know ‘old school’ direct hypnotist. But despite having ‘hypnotised’ thousands of people (in truth, I have no idea how many people I have ‘hypnotised’) I have never encountered any such problems. Why?

Well, in my view the answer is simple – I don’t create realities with my clients/volunteers that can lead to problems. I am careful about the metaphors I use to shape the process and experience. In this video clip – taken from Hypnotherapy Heresy – Making Hypnotherapy Easy – I explain why.

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“I’ve completed the first video and found it quite transformational.

I’m very much in the “My world of knowledge is huge yet I only live a small part of it.” Always something else to ‘knowledge up’ on before taking action…. Well James I took action!

I have a client that I’ve been working with remotely for a while now who has some health and generalised anxiety issues and when reviewing my case notes I realised that I’d become a ‘crutch’ to my client and that meant that I was not in the driving seat and they were not progressing much.

So I rewrote a therapy mp3 session that put my client in the ‘you have a choice whether you want to deal with your anxiety or not’ and also popped a note reinforcing the fact that they have a choice and need to take that choice to be anxiety free.

the client has not yet listened to the session but they have responded to my note and WOW what a note that was.

The client was about to ‘run away’ from an anxiety attack and come back home from a family holiday but instead decided to own the anxiety and made a choice to stay and carry on with the holiday. The client took ownership!

So with just a few simple words my client has realigned their internal thinking from being the ‘run away victim’ to the ‘I’m in charge of my own destiny and choose it to be a good one’.

Thank you James for providing me with the insight from video 1…


Pete Linforth – Hypnotist and Hypnotherapist

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