Is Fear Stopping You Developing as a Hypnotist?

“Hi James,

I am a newbie in the world of hypnosis; but I bought your Hypnosis Mastery Programme, No Fail Protocol, Rapid Induction Rituals and Create Instant Change.

Would you say that if I am to master the HWT that I will never need to go “back” to the old school typical inductions? Or will I be great at inducing hypnosis, sorry facilitating hypnosis lol, if my only tool is HWT?

I am struggling with getting over the fear of trying to facilitate hypnosis in a subject and stalling practicing.

I think I have too much information and too many programs; wanted to hone down to one and master it but I wanted to make sure its a way I can use in hypnotherapy.”

Hi *****

My best advice is for you to find YOUR way of working. YES start with one thing and really work it, then add in more material as you develop! Inductions are a choice. As is ‘no induction’ it’s all hypnosis. Studying HWT will make you a better hypnotist across the board, regardless of the style you ultimately develop for yourself. And the key is practise… But fear is stopping you! So my question to you here is:

“What is that fear about?”

What is it that you fear will be the potential dreadful consequence of you practising hypnosis? If it is that practise will reveal your flaws then GOOD. This is a major part of the point of the whole thing – experiment, fail, adjust, experiment.

If you are like many, the fear is a fear of judgement. That others will judge you negatively for making mistakes or doing something less than perfectly, or for not making some amazing magic happen. It will serve you MASSIVELY to transcend this. So, here are some quick recommendations.

1. Do not pretend to be anything you are not. Be willing to be a beginner and a learner. Ask people to HELP you out with your experiments.

2. Remember, people’s judgements of you change nothing about who you are. AND they say nothing about who you are (only about how that person is seeing you and making sense of you… Which is actually all about them rather than you).

3. It’s OK to be human. This means its OK to be crap. OK to be stupid. OK to fail… So long as you don’t hold on to any of it. All things pass when you let them pass. Let them pass and move on. See yourself as an evolving and developing human being. You are NOT the final version of yourself. Let yourself flow and explore and grow… Engage in this!

Do all of the above and you will free yourself to start developing your hypnosis game to higher and higher levels.


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James Tripp

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  • Vicky

    November 28, 2013

    Oh, this is really great advice James. I’ve had my practice going just over two years and everyday still feel like a newbie. The thing that worked best for me while in the presence of a client, is that when things didn’t work out as I wanted or expected it to, I would just nod my head knowingly and say ‘goood’, as if it happened the way I had intended all along. That way, I wouldn’t lose my client’s confidence and I could either move on to something else or try the same thing a different way. I think I may have gotten this from one of your many videos, so you’re probably already quite familiar with this. I do agree though, that fear is a bugger and will persist until you face it down and do it anyway!

    • admin

      November 28, 2013

      That’s the way to do it Vicky 😀 whatever happens, subtly frame it as all part of the process!very nice!



    • Lani Buess

      February 20, 2017

      I love this bit of advice, Vicky! I often find myself not using suggestibility tests in case they backfire and the client does completely the opposite of what’s being suggested. So saying “good” regardless is such a nice way to turn things around.

  • Steve

    November 28, 2013

    I had the same problem in a lot of aspects of life. One fine day I contacted james and he talked to me about ego and he was right. My ego was getting in the way that I was giving it too much importance and the irony of it is that by being afraid to protect my ego and I did not do anything to become better, something that my ego wanted. As for change I will lie to say that it was easy the first step is the most difficult, and while doing the first step you will realize that only the first one is difficult the other things will be more easy to do just the first one is a bitch. Also to do the first one I tied a piece of string to my leg to remind myself that I have to do it and not find any excuse. All the rest followed after the first one.
    My best advice is just to go for it, you will worry for sure what will I do next and what will happen if I fail, those thoughts are normal however you will find a way to get out of it maybe not with high colors but you will get out. One day when you will get better you will look back at today and say it was all worth it. There is a good talk on youtube by Alan watts about this, search it out it is worth it.

    • admin

      November 28, 2013

      Thanks for sharing that here Steve… And good to hear from you!

      If you find the Alan Watts link (I’m a big AW fan) please do feel free to post it here.



  • Adis

    November 28, 2013

    What if people would just realise the fluidity of meaning and finally choose a mindset: I decide what meaning I give to each and every interaction I have.
    What helps it does for me is to have a vision a purpose of what I want to experience as a hypnotist. so everything else betwen now and the vision is just a steping stone that brings me closer.

    • admin

      November 28, 2013

      Indeed Adis.

      Much of the work I do in coaching is getting people to realise just that (and also get highly skilled at doing it). And then they become true shapers of their own reality!



  • Grant

    November 28, 2013

    Not only did I “suffer” from this but I contacted James about it…hint hint….

    My breakthrough was two fold:
    2. Nothing to fail “at” if I am just playing a process and seeing where it leads.

    Weatherman …. For some reason anytime someone would comment about the weather reported by the weatherman (or woman for that matter) and how horribly wrong they were…I would always think…”what a great job, right or wrong ya get paid” there is no right or wrong, there is no guarantee, and just as the weather development is a process with “some” known components, much of it is up for grabs and at the whim of nature,

    All those descriptions and components, to me at least, are corollaries to hypnosis. I cannot “fail” if there is no right or wrong, I am simply “reporting” the now and giving some guidance for it all. It can change at any moment for a number of reasons, I can not “CONTROL” it, and each time will be different.

    So now, I enter mindset of “fun” and “exploration” when working hypnosis…such a different frame.

    Thanks a million James! I am sure your response was not to make me think about weathermen but hey it worked for me….we will leave it up to my “other” mind to give its reason for the metaphor.

    Happy Holidays All!!!

    • admin

      November 28, 2013

      Fantastic insights Grant! 🙂

      Be the weatherman!

      Happy Holidays to you too!



  • Maria

    November 29, 2013

    Great thread James, and coming at the right time for me as I take a deep breathe and launch into my business. Thanks everybody! Maria 🙂 The new weather woman on the block.

  • Pete Linforth

    November 29, 2013

    What I do is simply ‘blag’ my way through it when something goes wrong. In the majority of cases your clients have no real idea of what is right or wrong. As long as you come across confident and word your ‘excuse’ correctly the client will be none the wiser and you still remain the Hypno guru you are…

  • Dave

    November 30, 2013

    Hi James

    I’m struggling to make the transition from hypnotherapy to street hynosis. I only do a bit of it (with some success), mainly because the extrovert showman is a long way from my personality type and I do it mainly to stretch & challenge myself.

    I don’t like to play the part of the blagger so would love to be able to approach it more experimentally and not have to pretend to be better & more experienced than I am. The one issue I have is that the person who trained me (& is now a full time stage hypnotist) was very big on pushing “Belief plus expectation equals hypnosis.” This view is backed up by most of the traditional teaching and even by you in elements of your Mastery Programme.

    If that’s the case, I struggle to understand how you can reconcile that with the suggestion that you:
    1. Do not pretend to be anything you are not. Be willing to be a beginner and a learner. Ask people to HELP you out with your experiments.
    as above.

    If a subject’s credibility in your ability as a hypnotist is such a factor in achieving success, introducing yourself in that way must stack the odds of achieving good results very much against you?

    Am I missing the point?


  • NJ Hypnotist

    December 3, 2013

    James, love your work. I’ve watched your youtube channel and there is something new to learn each time I watch them 🙂 Most of the session with my clients are now “without trance (zombie state)”. I feel almost as if though, a hypnotist is just a better communicator! Specifically, good at persuading someone to follow suggestions.

    • admin

      December 4, 2013

      Thanks NJ

      For me, hypnosis is all about precision communication. My stock definition:

      “Hypnosis is the use of language and communication to direct attention, lead cognition and seed ideas, fro the purpose of leading a person into an altered perception of reality.”



  • Steve

    December 4, 2013

    When I first got into hypnosis and I did demonstration which I don’t do anymore I am more into covert stuff I learned something about myself. I learned that failure is a success. So I did my best to fail and then continue. Let me explain.

    I first meet james I think it was in 2009 in a during a hypnosis seminar and he was demonstrating a card stick. He did everything right, however the person he was demonstrating on managed to get his card to fall. At the point I expected james to panic however he showed no subtle clue of panicking but kept his total cool and he started pacing from there and he managed to get hypnotic phenomena.
    I have a challenging character and so people subtly would try to challenge what I am doing to see me fail. I realized that I have to utilize this. So I did what I saw james doing, maintaining my cool and pace exactly from that point on. To them they would have won cause they managed to get the card to fall and so would offer no further resistance and to me I would have another big chance of success which I found works almost all of the times.
    My point is this, that if you have fear of failing dont try to kill that feeling cause you won’t succeed but be sure to fail where your fear is so that you won’t have that fear and then continue from that point on.

    I know that this might sound a little bit stupid however it used to work for me perfectly and I think james has a movie in which he fails and then started to pace from there. Also remember the fear for a thing is only evidenced the first time you are doing something the second one gets more easy.

  • kris neale

    June 26, 2015

    Hi James,

    Thanks for the great training I am really enjoying following the programmes. You mentioned in one of your clips about yourself initially having the fear around using hypnosis in public.

    I am also a hobbyist magician, sometimes even a ‘closet’ magcician and the fear I am experiencing from practicing hypnosis is the same I have around magic.

    You have given some great tips and advice but I was wondering if you have any suggestions around ‘comebacks’ or ‘outs’ if you ‘fail’ to produce hypnosis if you are not using a hypnosis frame, I am looking to use something along the lines of “power and energy of the inner mind” (hope all of that made sense!)

    🙂 keep up the good work.


    • James Tripp

      July 5, 2015

      Hi Kris

      The ‘comebacks/outs’ will depend 100% on the frames you set and how you proceed. My best recommendation is to have a look at the No-Fail Protocol, which sets out an entire approach to creating such ‘no-fail manoeuvres’.

      All the very best,


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