News: The Way of the Hypnotist – 26th June, London, UK

OK, quick news flash…

On Tuesday, June 26, 2012, I will be presenting at Interesting Talks London on…

The Way of the Hypnotist.

This is a new presentation, where I will be sharing some new ideas about Hypnosis and what it means to be a Hypnotist for the first time! And, insanely, it’s only a fiver to get in (limited places)!

“Hypnosis, as a subject, is much misunderstood. In a way, we are all hypnotists (with a small ‘h’) in that we influence ourselves and others in countless ways (both useful and otherwise) in every moment of every day.

A Hypnotist (with a big ‘H’) is simply someone who explicitly understands how people organise their realities, as well as something about how to strategically influence that.

Understanding hypnosis and how it works is of incredible value in life, because it enables you to become significantly more influential in your relationships with both yourself and others.
This talk is about hypnosis, the structure of experience and what it means to be a Hypnotist.”


For more details, visit: InterestingTalks London – The Way of the Hypnotist

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