Hypnotist Jeffrey Stephens – Context & Intent… and a Live Conversation!

Hello HWTers!

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But first… exciting news! Recently I have had a number of interesting conversations with U.S. Jeffrey Stephens. Jeff is a guy with a lot of passion about hypnosis and a lot to say on the subject – not to mention being a practitioner of phenomenal skill!

On the surface Jeff’s approach to hypnosis looks pretty different from HWT. It has a more ‘old school’ trance based look and feel, but if you get underneath that we have a lot more in common than one may first think.

And we have some differences!

Anyhows, I thought it would be good to introduce Jeff here, so I’ve hijacked a little of his video (see below) and arranged for us to have a live open conversation about hypnosis that you can all join in (either to ask questions or just to listen in). Also joining us in the conversation will be U.K. Hypnotherapist and Fighters Mind coach Alan Whitton. Al will be steering the conversation and insuring we answer even the most thorny questions.

The conversation will take place next Wednesday (7th September) at 6:30 P.M. International (7:30 P.M. British Summer Time) and Providing you listen via Skype or the Web there are no charges to listen or join in. You can get all the details below the video (along with other times for other timezones).

I hope you enjoy the video and join us for this LIVE conversation!

All the very best


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And if you are interested in attending Jeffrey Stephens’ UK Workshop on 7th (Evening Only) 8th & 9th of October 2011, you can BOOK HERE! I will be teaching Hypnotic Phenomena on the Friday evening, and Jeff will be teaching his ‘Power Hypnosis’ approach on the Saturday and Sunday.

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James Tripp

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  • Mike

    September 5, 2011


    TIME START: 1:13
    Jeff: You’re in a trance. Chick (teen) – yes.
    Jeff: Do you want to know what hypnosis is all like? Chick – yes (smucks smile)
    Jeff: Apparently you like it. Chick: all for..yes. (sidenote: sound spoken is like a cp ringing in squeaks only teens or younger can hear, oldies think they can hear hi pitch when in fact its the obverse tone.In short I didn’t get what she said).
    Jeff: ehihihihi, Joke! Ehehehehe belly laugh’s.

    Jeff: So one of the points that I have stress, in my class, is that, there are TWO Things necessary for hypnosis.
    Those are:
    1) CONTEXT and
    2) INTENT.

    Jeff: gestures Thumbs up (one: Context). (presumably of pre suppose (precipitate) Goes first in.

    SIDENOTE: ALL (the) efforts are SIMULTANEOUS (all 1+2 at the SAME time, or walk the talk) the action and the saying…

    1. JEFF looks at camera narrating to his right, while: the Chick on his side left, then turns to facing Chick, shifts left-palm infront of chick face… hard ‘hand’ clap smack with right palm! and then left hand grab Chick right shoulder.
    SIDENOTE: safety prevent falling off, I guess.., Really!
    2. JEFF Voice Surprisingly startling: Sleep!!! …All the way down. Voice reasonably mellow now: …Deeper. …Deeper. …Deeper. Lulling chick rotating with left hand. …..Deeper. Voice lulling: ……..D E E P E R. …FEELS so Good. Absolutely Amazing. Very Feeling Wonderful…(breath inhales circulate cycle exhales air) Now.

    JEFF: In a moment I’m gonna count to 1-5, when I get to 5, you will be wide-awake, alert, sharp, clear, all the way back in the room, feeling absolutely amazing. In fact feeling better than you’ve felt in weeks, maybe even months.

    (Exaggeration in voice, yet no comma/period between numbers count/word).

    1 All relaxation leaving the body now. Flowing out in every direction
    2 Energy flowing into every cell, every fiber in your being, every direction, feeling you with an awesome, amazing energy
    3 Head all the way up and take a Deep DEEP Breath. Feel [fill] those lungs with oxygen. Feel the oxygen moving to every part of your body. Taking energy with it as it goes.
    4 Your lung is clear, you sinuses clear, Mind clear, Focused sharp; Hand clap about near Chick face, simultaneous, Wide alert, all the way back feeling good. Feeling refreshed. Feeling energized (soothing smile). Chick: Yah.
    Jeff: Excellent.

    Jeff: How was that? Chick: that was good.


    JEFF: OK. The point of this. This was not prearrange. And I had not built that in, in any previous time, that was not something that..I had installed at her training, what?, 10-11 months ago.

    The whole point of this was to show, that, context can be established very very simply. All I had to do was bring up that she had had it. Hypnosis before. She had experienced it. She had my training. The moment I began to ask, “Do you remember how that felt,”

    She HAD To go Inside.

    SIDENOTE: see eyes stance. while during when the Chick was being queried, when she was asked to access already previously installed hypnosis.

    JEFF: THAT’S What I was looking For on her Face. Was the Reaction that said, …’Yah, I’m going back there now.’ All I needed to do at that point, was “FIRE ON IT.” And I got hypnosis.

    Now if you’ve never hypnotize this person before, have never been hypnotized before… And you need a way to set-up the CONTEXT in just a Casual Manner.
    [Time: 4:00]
    It can be done with something as simple as, talking about:

    “…So you ever had that where experience [Sidenote: being facetious?] … where you know.. (Jeff gesture basketball on palms hand).
    “You Want to do something..But you don’t want to do it (Jeff palms rotate).’
    And its like this, struggle (ordeal) inside…. You fight with that feeling.”

    Chick: Ohum.

    JEFF: What that is, is because, there’s ‘a conflict In Deed.’
    And its between your Conscious Mind (hand on top up diagonal of chick/subjectee). The part of you(?) that interacts with the world. (imaginary ball smothers in front).
    And your subconscious mind. (Chick unknowing gazes eyes down on Jeff’s knowing palms)…
    You subconscious mind, for Whatever reason wants something different than your Conscious Mind is currently wanting. That creates a Struggle [ordeal, difficulty, conflict, pain in the arse, chicken little worry, etc].
    The Moment you have that struggle, inside, you start to notice.
    “You want [belly forward], but You don’t want [belly reverses push; not a backward glance].”
    “Let’s do these, let’s not do these.”
    “I like some of that, but I shouldn’t have that.”

    And once that starts. You have, this conflict, that need to be dealt with [retribution, payback smurf’s].

    Now, sometimes, [I’m sure knowingly-right hand scratch top-head..emulate], you can deal with it real simply.

    Just, make up your mind, and run one way or the other. That will resolve it Every Time. It’s just not that always easy to do.
    [SIDENOTE: a useful pacifist act? per book: God in Action, just war].

    (Chick: right, brows up’s eyes, eyes close, jaw tethers, fingers both clenches the knees).

    JEFF: OK. What I did was I just talked about an INTERNAL Conflict!
    I just talked about what we feel. And if you noticed. (Jeff palms facing open gesture about 2 foot away facing chicks shoulder cover area).
    I don’t know if how it’s going to be clear in this video).
    But, on her face, I could see, her going into a Moment of Conflict.
    SIDENOTE: suggestive, perhaps?
    Jeff: At least One. And thinking about “what that felt like.”
    You’ve notice that you’ve a very kinesthetic language about Feeling (eye darts to right), sensing, experiencing.
    Those kinds of words cause a person to begin to Look INSIDE.
    SIDENOTE: chicks own left eyeball click up veers the nose bridge, the right eye extreme right, a conjecture of mine – good demo subj, clap on this..a feeling state/experience as if a feeling (i.e. confidence, resourceful feelings significant’s) is encapsulated on a bb ball..and extend as desire. blah ).


    JEFF: Once you’ve done it, that, you’ve already established a Trance Like (*) or Hynotic CONTEXT.
    You can take that into trance(*) (while addressing camera knowing gesticulates to the chick), just by getting trancy with your language.
    And doing all the, Ericksonian (stuff) and … the More Difficult language Patterns.
    Not so difficult after you have done it for awhile and you have mastered them.
    But, early on it will be difficult to do.
    You can also take that(*) and just Hijack it right into a state of hypnosis.
    At any point there, I Could Have Intensified my Language, To The Conflict.
    Watched for her to experienced that(*), And then HI-JACK that into a Hypnotic Induction.

    SIDENOTE: In sumary I need to really get that book :)… James. Or plunge read more videos. Thanks a zillion!

    • James Tripp

      September 8, 2011

      Wow Mike!

      Thank you for sharing that! An excellent adjunct to the recording.

      All the very best


  • Andy Brady

    September 8, 2011

    Thanks James and Jeff for a really insightful chat. I missed the first 30 mins or so will download the full banter. Looking forward to checking out more of Jeffs work..

    I’m squeezing all I can from the hypnosis mastery programme and these webinars are helping me to stay focussed. Thanks for the effort you put into hosting these events, I personally place a high value on this information.

    A bit of feedback on my progress with impromptu and client sessions. The more I do this stuff the better I get and the more fluid the exchange. My major concepts at the moment are feedback and the attitude of curious exploration. These concepts stretch far beyond hypnosis so thanks for helping to bring them into focus, they are really BIG concepts!

    Playing the audios from the HWT program after doing a dozen or so impromptu sessions throws all sorts of new light on the process and it’s evolving into my own personalised rendering of the work. I would advise anyone who has been reticent to try this stuff to just go for it! If you are exploring then there can’t be failure. Took me a while to make that jump but it’s very liberating..

    All the best

    • James Tripp

      September 8, 2011

      Hi Andy

      Good to hear from you and to get an update! And good to hear you are evolving your own style with it!

      If you get any video, let me know as I would love to see it.

      All the very best


  • Brian Halliday

    September 8, 2011

    I enjoyed the recording: I agree with both Jeff and james. But I also believe in trance. James mentions that he believes in the ability of his clients hypnotees to create “new realities”. This is basically trance. A lot of the disagreement about hypnosis these days is purely semantic. When in actual fact most are talking about the same thing we just aren’t agreeing on the meanings of the words and labels.

    I totally gree with Jeff with regards to phenomena not being necessary. In fact I believ in many cases its deterimental to many clients who don’t “perform” or can’t do phenomena well. I tend to do the change work sometimes conversationall or in the “set up” for the overt “hypnosis”…

    The obvious induction is still a good thing to do because its expected and its also a good way to integrate all the work you have just done. Never have I had a client consider if they were hypnotised or not. That only happens if you believe in the need for phenomena.

  • macka

    September 9, 2011

    That was one of the best conversations on hypnosis ever.
    The Ying and the Yang. Beautiful.

  • Graham Butler

    June 18, 2012

    Hi Jeff,
    I previously purchased your hypnotherapy course in lfv flash. Apple tell me that they don’t support this format and that I need one of the following MP4, M4V, or MOV. Can you supply me a version of the course in any of those formats – one that will work on an iPad.

    Regards Graham Butler

    • admin

      June 19, 2012

      Hi Graham

      Unfortunately this is not Jeff’s site, and as such he cannot be contacted here. As an aside though, if you download VLC player (it’s free) you’ll be able play the flash videos.

      Al the very best

      James Tripp

  • Mark Humenik

    October 4, 2016

    This was a fun find James.
    I have been a fan of Jeffs work for a long time.
    I actually learned and was certified early on… but did know know where to go to learn changework. Jeffs approach rang true with me and I have used it often with terrific success…

    Sad that he has passed on… with his passion and so much of his knowledge and experience with him…
    The video posted was nice to watch.

    I did not see a link to the tele seminar that you did… and would be interested in that as well.


    • James Tripp

      October 19, 2016

      Hi Mark

      Yes, sad that Jeff passed on. And, unfortunately, the audio from the webinar got lost.

      All the very best,


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