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O.K.  this is a quick ‘news-flash’…

The last few days – since the No-Fail Protocol pre-launch – have been totally nuts. The responses I have received to the launch and to the content of the DVD’s have totally blown my mind and sent me into a tailspin of reflecting, re-thinking and re-orientating. And this means that…

…after much deliberation I have made a decision to focus HWT in a slightly different direction – much more towards professional hypnotists who work with clients to make changes. And this has an impact on the official launch of the No-Fail Protocol material!

Before I say more I would like to be clear that this decision doesn’t mean I will be teaching loads of hypnotherapy stuff via the blog – the focus will still be on hypnosis (without trance!) and hypnotic phenomena – but I will be keeping in mind that group when I developing new material. (And I will likely still include the odd video of impromptu hypnosis from time to time, because that is part of who I am and what I do).

So, regarding the No-Fail Protocol; I have made the tough decision to put the official launch on ice for a while (and this really has been a tough decision because I know that that there were many who missed the pre-launch and were looking forward to grabbing a copy ASAP). For the sake of congruence with the new HWT focus, I want to take a little time to reorganise the material and add some additional content so as to make it as relevant and valuable as possible to those professional hypnotists who will benefit from this knowledge the most.

If you were one of those who managed to get a pre-launch copy, and haven’t yet given your feedback, I would love to hear from you!

O.K. that’s the ‘news-flash’ over – normal service will be resumed a little later in the week (more videos!).

All the very best


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James Tripp

Hypnotist and Transformative Facilitator. Creator of Hypnosis Without Trance.


  • Peter Wright

    August 9, 2010

    Hi James,

    Interesting, your ‘shift of focus’ regarding the ‘No Fail Protocol’. As one of the ‘luckies’ who obtained a pre-release set I must say how useful and beneficial it is and also how thought provoking as well.
    ‘Failure’ is merely a self-perception as you say, and the whole rationale of the No Fail Protocol is to open up practitioners to a broader perspective where failure is concerned. If we see everything presented to us as opportunities then there can never be failure, for in that intricate map of practitioner=client interaction whilst one door may be closed, many others are open. It is just a matter of seeing the doors, knowing that they are there for us.

    As you know I am a hypnotherapist as well as a sports coach – and it is particularly in the area of coaching where I already see many examples of HWT at work. Ive just blogged about localised ‘trance’ and using the miriad of small altered states in sporting techniques.
    In therapeutic work too, HWT is just so useful, not just as a convincer but in a much broader sense. It’s all “bound up and gagged” with our notions of trance itself. Free the bindings and remove the gags and the possibilities multiply geometrically!

    Keep it up with the ground-breaking stuff!
    Best wishes, Peter

  • robthechob

    November 11, 2010

    we are a long way from kansas

  • Don

    February 16, 2011

    Just finished up the NO FAIL Protocal DVD’s and CD’s. I really was intrigued to buy it based on your free BIG BECAUSE and your take on there is no such thing as a neccessity to achieve a trance state comment. I must say I was disappointed in what I got for my money on the NO FAIL program. It seems to me like the meat of the presentation was just Setting Frames ( pre-frame and pivoting to Re-Frames as neccessary), a breakdown ( excellent) of your sticking performance, examples of testing for compliance( your Flag scenario) and your great call out on Play, Work and Rest ( missing rest). Perhaps your re-focus when the finished program comes out will offer more red meat. Additionally, I was reading some of your new program pitches and you used the word “sore” when I think you meant the word “soar” or it might just be American English versus British English. All in all I am exceedingly pleased with you and your outlooks and look forward to maybe purchasing some new stuff from you. Your demonstration of the BIG BECAUSE and COMPLIANCE TESTING, to me, really represents your pathway into their Change and acceptance trance. Thanks again.

    • James Tripp

      February 16, 2011

      Hi Don

      Sorry to hear that you didn’t feel that you got enough meat. The No-Fail Protocol is designed to solve a particular problem, which it does (the meat is there), and for that it has generally been very well received!

      It is true that it doesn’t spoon feed a generic solution for every eventuality, but it does provide the mindset, toolset, knowledge and a practical framework to generate those solutions and build the necessary skills – when applied, the material works to enable the hypnotist to manage the frames to optimise success and eliminate failure.

      A great many hypnotists suffer from a (quite legitimate) fear of failure, and the material presented on The No-Fail Protocol is unique in providing a structured and pragmatic solution to this. The material is NOT common knowledge and is not currently taught by any other hypnosis trainer.

      To say the meat is “just setting frames” is, I think, a little misleading through understatement – framing is the most powerful tool to the hypnotist and the material teaches HOW the frames need to work for No-Fail and HOW and WHEN to set them as well as how they relate to each other. This IS what is needed to be fully flexible in managing client/spectator perceptions – this is a powerful skillset that lies at the heart of hypnosis.

      Now I do realise that this material doesn’t work with a classic ‘trance’ view of hypnosis, which is why I specify of the product page:

      “This material will only make sense if you understand Hypnosis Without Trance!

      Please DO NOT buy this if you have not studied either the Hypnosis Without Trance, Hypnosis Mastery Programme, attended a live HWT training, or studied with me personally one-on-one.

      I am serious about this! If you want to understand this and make it work for you, get the Hypnosis Without Trance, Hypnosis Mastery Programme and study that first!

      The No-Fail Protocol DOES NOT fit with outdated thinking on hypnosis!!!”

      Once again, I am sorry that the product was not for you, but happy to know that you are generally pleased with my outlooks and looking forward to maybe purchasing some new stuff. Can I recommend the Hypnosis Mastery Programme? There is plenty of meat and it will help to make sense of the No-Fail material! (If you P.M. me at james@hypnosiswithouttrance.com I’ll be happy to sort out a private discount for you).

      All the very best


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