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I have had a lot of people write to me recently asking about therapeutic and changework applications for Hypnosis Without Trance, and have recorded a video on the subject which I will be releasing soon in 2 parts.  One particularly interesting email came from a chap who had recently bought the Hypnosis Mastery Programme and used a modification of the HWT Name Amnesia pattern as part of an intervention for pain control. It was such a creative application that I decided that people would like to know about it, so here is the relevant portion of that email:

“I watched your demonstration on your site with a client having the experience of forgetting his name and utilised your approach (in a very rough and ready way) with my sister to help her with a profoundly debilitating medical condition. She has suffered from migraine attacks so extreme that she has been hospitalised on numerous occasions. She has been unable to work for some years now.

During the initial stages of a developing migraine attach I asked her to describe her experience. She described the various sites of excruciating pain but commented several times that she just knew the pain was going to get worse.

I flashed back to your demo and asked her where about she experienced this ‘knowing that the migraine was going to get worse.’ She said it was a voice just behind her eyes. I reached over and said ‘just imagine this… I’m moving that voice…follow my hand…I’m moving that voice…it’s outside now (I moved my hand at a moderate speed away from her and indicated the voice was travelling further and further way.)…it’s moving further and further away…watching it go to the horizon…it’s gone NOW…it’s gone.’

My sister blinked rapidly and I asked her to notice the difference in her experience now. She said there was an instant reduction in pain dropping by 40%! We were then able to utilise some NLP processes to help further but the greatest and most significant change she reported was that once the voice had stopped she was free to engage with her experience without the sense of pending escalating panic that her conditions was going to get dramatically worse. This description seemed to fit well with your notion of hypnotic loops.

Without the hypnotic loop running the pain and other symptoms became fascinating to her and the more she paid attention to the nature of the experience the more the pain ‘smoothed out.’ It was not so much that the pain went away but more that the labels she had attributed to certain sensations weren’t available to her. The more she became fascinated by the sensations the more the experience became less intense.

So, the results, instead of having an excruciatingly traumatic night at A&E being pumped full of morphine, after several hours, she fell asleep. The migraine was dramatically reduced in intensity and only lasted 1 1/2 day. Usually such intense attacks would last 5 to 6 days. This is unheard of despite utilising every NLP process I could find in my 10 year study of the subject… Thanks!”

As I say, I will be bringing you more soon concerning therapeutic applications, but until then…

All the very best


P.S. Additional news is that the Hypnosis Mastery Programme is now available in NTSC as well as PAL formats.

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  • That’s nicely done. I learned a similar technique from my teacher (who I think learned it from Scott Sandland). You ask someone with a headache what color it is, and then ask them to imagine painting the palm of your hand that color, allowing the paint to flow from their head to your hand. Then you tell them to keep staring at your hand as you slowly back out of the room. If you can walk into a bathroom and flush the toilet where they can hear it, so much the better.

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