Hypnotic Pacing & Leading: Retro-Hijacking

O.K. – Here’s a little snippet for all those who love the subtleties of hypnotic communication!  Lets call the concept the ‘retro-hijacking’ pace and lead. I use this loads and get a lot of milage from it, and I hope that you will too!



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  • James Brown

    April 3, 2010

    Excellent as always!

  • I like it! Nice tip.

  • philippe

    June 10, 2010

    i was just wondering: did you made a handstuck on a glass table?

    for whatever reason, i feel weird to imagine a handstuck on a glass table…

    • Everyone is unique! Which is exactly why you have to be ‘present’ and flexible in your approach when doing hypnosis. If you have someone who finds something ‘weird’ find out what kind of ‘weird’ and utilise it.

      All the very best


  • jérôme

    September 12, 2010


    I’m only starting in the field of hypnosis and I’m really happy to see a real pro at work, i will try to get your mastery programm but since i’m only 16 and i’m not english, it will take me some time to get this great material .

    Anyway, I’m studying, for quite some time, kenton knepper’s “wonder words” and when i saw the video from this post it remind me something and i wondered if you use it in your hypnosis work.
    It’s basically when you start a sentence and let the subconcious of the participant finish it so that in their mind they will fill in the blank and be likely to think about it.

    (please excuse my english)


    • James Tripp

      September 13, 2010

      Hi Jerome

      Wonder Words is great! One of my first introductions to hypnotic language. I do use the ‘hanging’ technique sometimes when doing changework or in general conversation, but not usually in conjunction with overt hypnosis.

      Hope you continue to enjoy the blog!

      All the very best


      P.S. your English is fine!

  • Thanks!

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