What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?

This is a classic coaching question, and it is so for good reason! Fear of failure is something that paralyses so much potentially fruitful human endeavour. And it also paralyses so many potentially excellent hypnotists!

I have been thinking more and more about failure and fear of failure of late, because I know that for many aspiring (and already established) it is a big issue.  And it once was for me also… but that changed at some point. It changed when I collected together a set of principles and tools for ensuring that failure never need happen, and certainly never need be a critical issue.

So I have gathered together these principles and tools and organised them into a protocol, based upon how I use them myself. And I will be sharing them with you soon! Check out the video…


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James Tripp

Hypnotist and Transformative Facilitator. Creator of Hypnosis Without Trance.


  • Travis

    March 17, 2010

    James – sounds like good stuff. I’m in Canada so I won’t be able to attend, but I would be happy to buy a recording of the workshop for a fair price. Thanks for all the great info so far!

  • iliko

    March 18, 2010


    This sounds good. I would be interested.


  • Joseph

    March 19, 2010

    Saw your videos and blog. I found it all very interesting. Was wondering what the similarities and differences are between you and Jonathan Chase? He also mentions the Amazing Kreskin from time to time.

    • James Tripp

      March 19, 2010

      Hi Joseph

      I think Jon Chase is an excellent hypnotist and an original thinker. He has certainly influenced me personally as a hypnotist, although we hugely disagree about much. I believe that Jon still has a ‘state’ based explanation for hypnosis, although he doesn’t support the notion of depth (so we are similar there). To find out more about Jon’s approach I recommend Jon’s book “Don’t Look in His Eyes”.

      All the very best


  • MikeStoner

    March 21, 2010

    Sounds great. There’s no “fail” in the therapy context but when doing impromptu stuff in pubs it’s something that comes up now and again. And if you are doing a demo for a bunch of strangers they are most unimpressed when you crash and burn on the first hard test. If I’m free then I’ll definitely sign up for this.


  • James Brown

    March 22, 2010

    Looks excellent. As you know I have worked a lot on this subject. Mike- I follow a ‘wrongless’ approach even in an impromptu setting and find success is guaranteed when you remove the possibility of failure!

    James Brown
    Professional Opportunist

    • James Tripp

      March 22, 2010

      As I know indeed! I was tempted to try an lure you along on the day because I totally love your take on this subject. But…

      I’ll call you for a chat!

      All the very best


      • James Brown

        March 24, 2010

        I look forward to your call. BTW i am free for most of the day on the 25th 😉

        Got a few ideas to share with you on this.

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