New Workshop Dates – 24th/25th April 2010

OK Folks – I have some new workshop dates!

24th/25th April 2010

The workshop will be in Letchworth Garden City, U.K. again (just outside London), and the format will be fairy much as last time, but with a slight leaning towards Hypnotherapy applications (though still plenty of fun and value for you ‘street’ and magic guys).

If you would like to know more, or book your place, please visit:

The last workshop was great fun, with a great bunch who all played %100. Here is what Bob Burns said about it on Hypnothoughts:

“Hi all,

I had no experience of this until last weekend. To be honest it went against everything that I’d ever been taught or experienced with regard to hypnosis. However I did witness it, many times and indeed I performed it on 4 people with great success. However, being aware that social compliance was palpable within this particular training room I waited until I was visiting friends that evening before testing it out on a very good friend who is almost anti-hypnosis and would never have a desire to take part in such a thing. Also firmly believing they could ever be hypnotised.

However, agreeing to take part in a small non-hypnotic experiment they experienced full body lock followed by amnesia all within 2 minutes. I have to say they seemed thrilled but also of course a little confused. I might add that I myself saw no signs of trance in any way, shape or form.

I don’t want to start another arguement with regard to what trance is but rather has anyone else experienced this and can comment?

I must admit it’s extremely enjoyable and such an easy way for opening a procedure. It’s always nice to add something new to one’s arsenal.



Anyhows, the link is up and the places are selling, so go book now if you want to come!

Al the very best


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  • yehonatan

    March 17, 2010

    i see that is no spaces in The current workshop…
    i can recive mail if Place becomes available i want to came from israel and it very importent to me!

  • Ali Alston

    November 30, 2010

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    • James Tripp

      November 30, 2010

      Hi Ali

      The template is Thesis for WordPress. Thesis is great because it is customisable!

      All the very best


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