Curiosity and Fascination as Tools for Hypnosis

2015 NOTE:

This audio was originally shares upon completion of the Hypnosis Without Trance Hypnosis Mastery Programme back in 2010. It’s the audio that is of real interest here rather than the original blogpost, but I’ve left it up anyway for context. Just to be clear, the Hypnosis Mastery Programme is now all instant download rather than DVD/CD hard copy.


Hello my friends!

It has been a while since I have posted, which has been largely due to intense busyness!  One of the things that has been keeping me busy is finishing the Home Study material… and it is done! I just need to sort out the packaging and a few other bits and pieces then it will be ready to roll.  It has ended up being 7 audio CD’s, 2 DVD’s and a CD Rom containing transcripts. This is the first time I have done anything like this and it has proven to be a massive learning experience.

What I have included here is a little snippet from the audios covering the concept of Curiosity Framing! This is something that I use a lot when hypnotising (so much so that I do it without thinking), and I think that it is a really valuable little tool for absorbing the subject in the process.  Check out the audio clip and, as usual, I am happy to hear your comments on the blog.

All the very best


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  • Tom Waugh

    March 12, 2015

    Just got this as a newsletter link but unfortunately it doesn’t work!

    • James Tripp

      March 31, 2015

      Hi Tom

      Thanks for flagging that – it’s all fixed now!



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