HWT Home Study – Coming Soon?

Hello All

Having received so many requests for it, I am working furiously on putting together a comprehensive home study package for Hypnosis Without Trance – and it’s turning out to be a big job!  Partly, it is getting to grips with the technical side, and partly it is the shear volume of information that I want to convey (hypnosis isn’t too complicated, but it is the myriad of subtleties that really make it work that takes up the bulk of the detail).

So I have this target of getting it done before Christmas day… but school is off and the kids are running amok and all the last minute Christmas preparations are jostling for priority. And I also want to get a blog video up, because I want to talk to you about ‘Pantomime’ (communicating with your full body) in hypnosis.

Hopefully I will be able to get that up today, but if I don’t manage it, please do forgive me!

All the very best


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