When Things Go ‘Wrong’ – Flexibility and Utilisation

The truth is, there is no wrong!  There is only what is happening, so take it and use it.  This video should help you get back on track regardless of what happens.


About The Author

James Tripp

Hypnotist and Transformative Facilitator. Creator of Hypnosis Without Trance.


  • gaz colfer

    November 9, 2009

    short and sweet,i use to be one that when something didnt quite go to plan i’d be looping around inside my head saying things like oh bugger now where,ummmm errr etc etc! utilisation is very cool
    thanks jim

  • hypno0B

    November 19, 2009

    Thanks really helpful !

    cheers mate.

  • Chris

    May 30, 2011

    I am loving these blog videos – I just wish there was a podcast out there so I could watch them whilst I’m on the tube. I really like your ideas and your take on hypnosis, and particularly like this idea of utilisation – no different than a magician would do, with the addition of some presupposition (forcing a contrast), very nice. Looking forward to working my way through the rest of these videos

    • James Tripp

      May 31, 2011

      Thank Chris!

      Performing close-up definitely shaped my approach to hypnosis a great deal!

      All the very best


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